Thursday, February 20, 2020

Eagle Butte

Seniors bid farewell to DHS

Khalen Martin, left, and Aidan Martin, right, were both very serious after getting their diplomas. Khalen just finished Basic Training in San Diego for the Marines and returns this week to do his Advanced Training. Aidan will be heading to Georgia for Basic Training for the Army at the end of the month. Photo by Patty Peacock

Alyssa Roark gets a big congrats hug from her older brother Brent Roark. Photo by Patty Peacock

Racheal Barrera gives her dad, Dean Little Hawk, a massive hug after the graduation ceremony. Photo by Patty Peacock

CL Pederson gives his mom, Cindy Pederson, a hug in the receiving line. Photo by Patty Peacock

The Dupree High School Class of 2019 graduated at 2:19 on Saturday, May 11. Front row: -#Augustina Collins, Ford Traversie and Racheal Barrera. Middle row: *- Valedictorian Kelci Bends, RayAnn Ward, -*Valedictorian Tayla Thorstenson, -^Alyssa Roark, Winter Poorman and -#MacKenzie Dupris. Back row: Khalen Martin, -^Stran Smith, Aidan Martin, Justin Matonis, Trace White Wolf and ->^ Salutatorian CL Pederson. (Symbols beside names denote the following: * means Summa Cum Laude GPA of 3.76-4.0, ^ means Magna Cum Laude GPA of 3.51-3.75, # means Cum Laude GPA of 3.0-3.5, > means Regent Scholar status, and – denotes a National Honor Society member.) Photo by Patty Peacock

Some of the DHS Class of 2019 jump for joy upon finishing their final walk of the DHS hallways. Pictured are CL Pederson, Augustina Collins, Racheal Barrera, Tayla Thorstenson, RayAnn Ward, Kelci Bends, Alyssa Roark and Ford Traversie. Photo by Patty Peacock

Augustina Collins happily enters the 2019 DHS commencement ceremony. Photo by Patty Peacock

During the graduation rehearsal, four members of the Class of 2019 surprised Dupree’s PreK teacher, Ms. Valerie Tomac, with a beautiful star quilt. These four young men were in her very first Dupree PreK class and were very appreciative of the wonderful start they got in their education while being in her classroom. Photo by Patty Peacock

RayAnn Ward receives hugs from her little sisters. Photo by Patty Peacock

Winter Poorman was smiles and gets ready to graduate from DHS. Photo by Patty Peacock

Justin Matonis confidently enters the graduation at DHS. Photo by Patty Peacock