Thursday, September 24, 2020

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Randolph’s Corner

Winterize your tipi’s

The recent explosion on the Pine Ridge reservation that claimed four lives in a duplex. 

It is being investigated as a probable propane gas explosion and belies that although some locals like the winter months and the snowy landscape there are inherent dangers that exist in regards to people keeping themselves warm during these months utilizing heat generating apparatus’s, stoves, and heaters.

Which may or may not need servicing to remove any leak dangers to the occupants. When in doubt especially if the odor of gas is detected venting out of one’s area and calling a qualified individual to assess a leakage is occurring, may save one’s life as well as others. 

Carbon monoxide poisoning is another winter time concern especially because it is odorless. This is another reason to get winter heating elements serviced to alleviate one’s mind during this season. 

One good website to share and should answer most questions in regards to winter heating safety.

The long awaited return of cable’s no. 1 show, ‘The Walking Dead’ returns this month to the excitement of many during this Halloween season. 

Speaking of the Walking Dead, that team with so many injuries they could have their own show .

The Minnesota Vikings are 5-0 while other teams with replacement quarterbacks are holding their own with good records as a third of the season is almost over and teams seek to find their stride and mojo to finish strong towards the home stretch. 

The Farmer’s Almanac has predicted another “bad winter” which I think is what they predicted for the past few winters ,so it may be taken with a grain of salt. Common sense dictates that we have dodged the bullet so far and one of these winters climate change may drop a big one on us. 

In that regard, gear up, winterize your tipi’s now. Not later and we’ll be on our way to survive another winter on the Plains.

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