Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Eagle Butte

Pumpkin Painting and Carving!

Students dressed to scare drugs away for Red Ribbon Week. Some students had such great costumes, you could not tell who they were.

The Cheyenne-Eagle Butte Upper Elementary School Parent Involvement Program hosted “Pumpkin Painting Night” for C-EB grades 2 through 3. The event, held on Monday evening, October 23, had a great turn out.

Two hundred students, along with their families, participated in painting pumpkins. Each pumpkin was unique and the designs reflected the wonderful imaginations of each student.

“It was fun! I liked all the different colors of paint. I used my favorite colors,” said Dexter Hawk Eagle, a fourth grader.

“I liked painting my pumpkin. I like my little brother’s pumpkin better,” said a smiling Brae’Anna One Wolf. One Wolf is in the fifth grade.

The parent Involvement committee had 279 pumpkins available for painting and by the end of the night, only a few remained.

Hailee Eagleman works with younger students to draw out their pumpkin carving designs. Photo by Jody Rust

Syrus Hollow Horn and classmates dig out the innards of their pumpkins at the high school pumpkin carving event.

Peg Henson used her hair to scare off the drugs and celebrate Halloween.

Parents Pumpkins: The room was filled of laughter and smiles as families joined their students in painting pumpkins.

ifth grade student Hope Bald Eagle (left) show​s​ her Minion-kin! “I had fun. My dad and uncle helped me paint our Minion. I think I’ll call him Kevin,” said ​Hope.

​Fourth grader ​Dexter Hawk Eagle​ proudly holds his smiling pumpkin. “It was cool seeing Dexter painting. It was a good event,” said Dexter’s Uncle, Vince Cloud Eagle.

Brae’Anna One Wolf​, fifth grade, holds her pumpkin. Her brother, Bla’que, holds his green Hulk pumpkin.

“It was a great turn-out! We had 200 students sign in with their families,” said Lori Martin, Administrative Assistant.

Parent Involvement Coordinator, Connie Knight, organized this year’s pumpkin painting event.