Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Eagle Butte

Property boundaries, security & holiday planning top Dupree City meeting

Contractor Wayne Koistinen with Firefly Builders out of Belle Fourche, attends to Mayor Jim Veit’s explanation of a city map, as the council and the contractor clarify the building plans and codes for the already approved YMCA buildings. Photo by Jody Rust

The visitor list at the Monday night Dupree City Council meeting was short, but informative, as Firefly Contractor out of Belle Fourche asked for clarification of right-of-way stipulations in the Dupree building codes.

Council members were unsure of any specific stitpulations in the Dupree building codes, and moved to require that all building be contained within the YMCA property lines, and that to ensure no part of the building enters the city property or goes into the alleyway, the contractor, Wayne Koistinen, said he would ask the surveyor to stake off the corners of the property.

Koistinen also asked about sidewalk placement. The council agreed to allow the sidewalk to be built on city property so that it can be accessed by the public, yet maintained by the property owner — the local YMCA.

The youth-centered organization is adding to its Dupree location to provide more space and services to youth in the Dupree and surrounding areas.

Another issue discussed at the meeting was that of security. Council woman Unalee Howe, Ward I, raised a concern about security after the “B” building, double-paned doors were broken and required replacement.

This incident as well as other illegal incidents prompted Howe to request council members consider purchasing cameras for certain locations in the city to help deter criminal activity.

Mayor Jim Veit suggested possibly hiring foot patrol to secure certain areas of the city.

Council members agreed that hiring foot patrol may be a difficult task, and Veit stated, in light of the still vacant Dupree City maintenance position, that finding people willing to work for the city has been difficult.

Council members agreed to research equipment costs and quality, and to think about locations where the camera equipment might go, before discussing the possiblity further.

The council approved the purchase of a holiday banner from the West River Eagle, Veit stating that the price is a third of the cost in the catalogue the city considered as a bannar purchasing option.

The council unanimously agreed to have the sign read, “Merry Christmas,” rather than “Happy Holidays.”

The bannar will be hung on main street during the holiday season.

The council agreed to discuss details of the city Christmas dinner at the next meeting.

In other city business, the council discussed a need for gravel with more binder and Veit suggested getting gravel from more local sources, if any was needed going into the winter months.

Veit pointed out that the sewage line near his home was put in by the previous owner of his property, but placed on city property and is used by three different homes.

Veit said that the city has piping and the sewage line is not very deep, so the city could fix the line so it does not clog as often, and would not need to be cleared as often.

Veit suggested a spring fix to the sewage line concern.

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