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Plans set for the 7th Annual Indigenous Honor Run

By Rita Weatherbee

The date has been set for July 21-24, 2016, for the next Indigenous Riders Iron Pony Intertribal Honor Run, which starts at Crazy Horse Memorial and rides to Eagle Butte, South Dakota.  This year’s ride will honor the people of Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe. 

Rex Carolin, President of the Indigenous Riders motorcycle riding organization from Phoenix, AZ, traveled last week to Crazy Horse Memorial and Eagle Butte to finalize plans.  Some of the activities included in the upcoming event are a buffalo cookout and tipi demonstration to honor the students at the Indian University of North America at Crazy Horse on July 21.  Then on the July 22,  the organization will travel to the Eagle Butte Cultural Center to provide a buffalo feed and tipi demo and a special guest will be there to provide family friendly entertainment.  

On the July 23, the public is invited to gather for breakfast at Patch Skin Buttes Overlook located on the Native American Scenic Byway on the east end of Cheyenne River Reservation.  The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Cultural Preservation Office will host a dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony for this cultural and historical site.  

For more information regarding the dedication, please contact Donna Rae Petersen at  On July 24, the Honor Run will conclude with a Sunrise Ceremony and breakfast at Crazy Horse Memorial.   For more information regarding the Indigenous Riders Iron Pony InterTribal Honor Run, you can email Mr. Carolin at

On February 16, Mr. Carolin presented buffalo box demonstrations to students from Mr. Douglas Petersen’s classes at the Cheyenne-Eagle Butte High School.  The students viewed items and tools that would have been used by their ancestors that were traditionally made from buffalo hides and parts.  Mr. Carolin shared with the students some of the traditional values he learned growing up on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation.  He shared with the classes the healthy and cultural benefits of incorporating buffalo meat into their diets. He also talked with the students about the importance of higher education, family, community and respecting elders.  He encouraged them to reach for their dreams.  The students shared their future plans and goals. 

The presentation and buffalo box demonstration was sponsored by InterTribal Buffalo Council (ITBC) from Rapid City, South Dakota.  ITBC is a nationally recognized tribal membership organization whose mission is to restore buffalo to Native American member tribes and to promote the healthy benefits of eating buffalo meat.  ITBC also assists tribal schools with getting buffalo meat into their school lunch programs, in order to benefit and promote healthy eating among the youth there.  

ITBC donates buffalo meat and other items to the Indigenous Riders Iron Pony InterTribal Honor Run.   Crazy Horse Memorial donates space where the motorcycle organization can camp and host the event.  Other organizations that are helping to support this year’s event include the Lakota Cultural Center and the Cultural Preservation Office of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe.  On behalf of Indigenous Riders, Mr. Carolin, would like to thank these organizations for making the annual Intertribal Honor Run possible. 

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