Sunday, October 24, 2021

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Patchy performance by the Braves against the Mustangs

The Lady Mustangs from Kyle expected a shootout when they showed up Tuesday, October 5th, to take on the Lady Braves. Patchy performance resulted in a loss for the Braves despite some lightning moments.

The first set was a tough bout for both teams as they traded shots and points throughout. There were twelve ties with the last one coming at 18-all, when Kyle finally managed to pull ahead and stay ahead. 

Poor hitting and serving led to Little Wound staying even or little bit ahead of the Braves, until they were finally able to get the edge on them. When the Braves were hitting they lit up the court up with one hard-hit kill after the other. LeAunah Farlee, Sydnee White Feather, Lauryn Keckler, and Cassie Carter all hammered the ball. Cassie led the way with 4 kills and some great defense, but the Braves had way too many unforced errors to take control of the set. In the end, they lost 22 to 25.

In the second set it was like the dark clouds broke apart and the sun came out — the Braves were on fire. Six of the Braves scored kills before they became too much for the Mustangs to handle. LeAunah Farlee, Sydnee White Feather, Kay’Leigh Red Fox, Lainey Peacock, Lauryn Keckler, and Cassie Carter all brought the thunder. There was no doubt the Braves were clicking on both offense and defense, and they easily won this set 25 to 13.

The third set started off fine for the Braves, but then the clouds rolled back in. Once the Mustangs caught the Braves at 4-all, they kept up the pressure, pulled ahead and stayed ahead. Everything that could go wrong for the Braves did. They were simply out of sync in their hitting, serving, and floor coverage. The breakdown allowed the Mustangs to win the set 17 to 25.

The Braves needed to win the next set because if the Mustangs were victorious, the match would end in their favor. When the set commenced it felt like it was raining on the Braves again. Little Wound jumped out to a six-point lead – 6 to 12. Cassie Carter fired off one lightning bolt after another to get the score to 11 to 13 and the rest of the team followed her lead. They picked up their offense and defense to tie the set at 17-all. The Mustangs got the next point, but Cassie crushed a ball that rocketed off the floor to make the score 18 to 18. And then like a cloud burst, the Braves started having trouble with their hitting again. This slippage allowed to the Mustangs to go on to win the set and match – 18 to 25.

There is no doubt that this was a tough loss for the Braves. Coach Mary Mitchell said later that she knew her team was struggling with their serving and hitting. She also said that they were only missing by a little on their kill shots, setting, and serving.

At Wednesday’s practice to get ready for the McIntosh Tigers, Mitchell did her best to fine-tune the things she believes will put the Braves back on track. She knows they gave away too many points against the Mustangs, and believes the errors on Tuesday can be put behind them. Coach Mitchell has adjusted, adapted, and overcome before; she believes her team can do it again to make this season a success.

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