Saturday, July 20, 2019

Eagle Butte

Oren Lesmeister Representative District 28A

Well the first week of session is behind us now.

Really is not much to report on yet with all the new people taking on their positions threw out the new Governors cabinet.

I again am part of the Ag and Natural Resources and Transportation Committees.

The New Governor gave her first State of the State Address on Tuesday and we heard some good things come from it. The one thing that i was disappointed on was really no talk on Medicare expansion. On a positive note I was happy to hear that she is looking into more conservation practices and working on the predator problems..

I am working on legislation on a bill to define the differences between REAL Meat and Fake meat… I think this is a huge issue for our Agriculture industry and needs to be addressed. Another thing I’m working on is Industrial Hemp. We are working on language to provide the producers with this option to grow and process industrial hemp.  We are waiting to hear back from the State Sec of Ag on what she is willing to do to help implement the program and her along with SDSU Agriculture Research Center we hope to have something in place real soon…

Some of the things coming down from others in the house and senate are

Tackling Nursing Home problems, Roads and Bridges, Education Issues, etc…

I hope that this session brings more changes for the good with new people in place.