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Ohitika News Junior High and High School

Shanelle Widow organizes prizes for the S.O.S. participants. All prizes were designed to assist students in organizing their schedules, prioritizing tasks and creating environments conducive to studying.

C-EB High School initiated a parent workshop last spring and repeated it again this fall on Nov. 1 titled S.O.S., which stands for Seminars on Success.

Teachers and community members volunteered to present workshops designed to help parents help students succeed in school.

On parent likened the event to a Parent University, in which the parents get to learn skills and strategies in various subjects so they can reinforce learning at home.

The events were billed as S.O.S: Toolkit for Learning Workshops:

  EAT and learn about healthy meals that enhance brain power;

  WIN additional supplies to add to your family’s learning toolkit such as white boards, calendars, dictionaries, calculators, a desk organizer, a reading lamp, and more!

  LEARN about strategies in workshops that help improve reading, writing, communication and other basic skills necessary for success in high school and beyond. Workshop Titles: RACE: Writing Strategy, Close Read: Reading Comprehension Strategy, Computer Communications, SD MyLife, American Indian a College Fund – Native Pathways to College

Orville Cayaditto presents to parents and students interested learning more about college opportunities for Native Americans.

Healthy brain food is recommended to keep people awake, aware and on task. Participants were feed healthy snacks and a healthy meal conducive to producing higher brain function and focus.

Each attendee was given a toolkit bag containing basic tools for learning and had the opportunity to win white boards, calculators, rulers, dictionaries and other time and study management tools.

In addition, each participant received information on foods that help to increase brain function, and everyone was able to enjoy these kinds of brain food in snacks and a dinner.

The school plans to host another SOS event in February 2018. Previous workshops were:

Prizes provided by Title I, Food provided by C-EB Kitchen, Education provided by C-EB staff

Race Writing Strategy, Ruth Beckler, HS English Teacher

Learn how to write a constructed response using the RACE strategy. RACE helps students focus on writing complete sentences, citing answers with supporting evidence and using a specific citation style, and providing reasoning that shows the reader how the evidence justifies the answer.

Close Read: Reading Comprehension Strategy, Jody Rust, HS English Teacher

A Close Read uses multiple strategies to ensure a student has understood what he or she has read such as chunking, annotating, paraphrasing and summarizing.  Close Reads help increase reading comprehension and vocabulary.

Become aware of career resources.

SDMyLife, Peg Henson, Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher

As a parent there are many ways to help with a child’s career development.  One key way is to become aware of career resources. SDMYLIFE.COM has all the tools a parent needs to be proactive right at their fingertips and by logging on through the Parent Portal, a parent can monitor the future college student’s progress. Allowing opportunity to discuss options with them as well as help them explore different types of careers.  Best of all; it’s FREE!  This session will provide an overview of the resource, how parents can log into view student’s progress, and where to find some career information.

Financial Assistances Seniors Only), Shelby Thompson, Science Teacher

Seniors and their families can receive free assistance to complete their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and their Tribal Higher Education application.

American Indian College Fund – Native Pathways to College, Orville Cayaditto, AICF

Last month, C-EB entered into our first partnership with AICF so our school and families can utilize their HS Admissions Pathway Program. This is Mr. Cayaditto, College Admissions Coach, first visit to C-EB and he will provide an overview of all the program has to offer.

Four Bands Community Funds – Family Budgets and Youth Programs, Alyssa Benoist

Learn about Four Bands Community Fund’s Youth Internship Program that aims to build long-term employment and life skills for local area youth.  Listen to a brief overview on budgets, saving and goal setting for your future.

Electronic Access Lexi Keckler, HS Computer Teacher and Melissa Neigel

Learn how to access the parent portal and use other electronic methods for accessing information about student grades or communicating with teachers and other school officials and staff.

Anyone with ideas about other workshop topics, or interested in presenting their own workshop, please contact the high school and speak with Jody Rust or Kill Kessler.

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