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Ohitika Archery Team competes against 3000 archers, places 2nd at national tournamentFree Access

The Cheyenne-Eagle Butte Elementary Ohitika Archery Team competed at the 2018 NASP Western National Tournament at the Mountain America Expo Center in Sandy, UT.

The tournament took place from April 13-14, and over 3000 archers competed from across the western United States, and included schools from as far away as Alaska, Texas, and Washington.

Ohitika archers proudly wore their black uniform top with the 2018 South Dakota State Champion patch on their left shoulder, which they earned by winning their 4th consecutive state title last month.

Some archers wore their NASP Academic Archer patch, which they received for maintaining an excellent academic standing throughout the archery season.

The entire team wore a patch of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal flag on their left shoulder, and was the only Indian school that

2nd Place National Champions: the C-EB Elementary Ohitika Archery Team poses with their medals while holding the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal flag. The team qualified for the NASP World Championships in Louisville, KY. Submitted photo

competed at the tournament.

The Ohitika elementary team placed 2nd overall in the 3-D Challenge and 4th overall in the Bullseye Challenge, and took home a trophy. Each archer was presented with a medal.

Fifth grader Jhoni Uses Many placed 5th overall in her division, and was presented with a plaque and a medal for her individual archery achievements.

This year was the first time that the NASP National Tournament was split into two competitions and regions, Western and Eastern.

Top scorers from both tournaments will be compete at the 2018 NASP World Championships, which will take place this June in Louisville, KY.

By claiming 2nd place at the Western National tournament, the elementary Ohitika team qualified to compete at the World Championships.

“OHITIKA” Archery NASP Western Nationals Elemtary Results: 

Team placed  4th overall with a team score of 2787.

Individual Results:

Jhoni Uses Many – 260, placed 5th overall

Hope Shorty – 244

Hunter Hawk Eagle – 241

Tomi Moran – 238

Russell Thompson – 236

Quinn Benoist – 230

Damien Clown – 229

Rowdy Hill – 229

Luke Lesmesiter – 228

Ryker Logg – 226

Austin Johnson – 222

Easton Lawrence – 204

Jordyn Reisch – 202

Kenneth Eagle Staff – 199

Nataliya Kingfisher – 162

Middle School Results:

Brock Ducheneaux – 272

Braylee Yellow Owl – 258

Hayzil Yellow Fox – 249

Leila Miner – 247

NASP/IBO 3D Western Nationals Elementary Results: Team placed  4th overall with a score of 1386.

Individual Results:

Jhoni Uses Many – 249

Ryker Logg – 237

Russell Thompson – 236

Austin Johnson– 224

Tomi Moran – 221

Quinn Benoist – 219

Damien Clown – 218

Rowdy Hill – 212

Hunter Hawk Eagle – 211

Luke Lesmesiter  – 202

Hope Shorty – 201

Kenneth Eagle Staff – 182

Jordyn Reisch – 180

Easton Lawrence– 131

Nataliya Kingfisher – 123

Middle School Results:

Brock Ducheneaux – 266

Braylee Yellow Owl – 256

Leila Miner – 243

Hayzil Yellow Fox – 194

World Qualifiers:

Elementary Team in both Bullseye & 3D

Brock Ducheneaux in 3D

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