Thursday, April 18, 2019

Eagle Butte

Official results from CRST Tribal Election: CRST Tribal Executives re-elected, shifts in Tribal Council representation

Nine controversial days after the CRST General Election, official results are in:

Chairman-at-large: Harold Frazier, 1297; Kevin C. Keckler, 1171

Treasurer-at-large: Benita Cook-Clark: 1258; Sharon F. Lee: 1200

Secretary-at-large: Ev Ann White Feather: 1441; Rhea E. LeCompte: 1014

District 1 Council Representative: Bernita In The Woods, 196; James D. Williams, 150

District 3 Council Representative: Edward Widow, 220; Sylvester Waloke, 133

District 4 Council Representative: Jessica Four Bear, 232; Melvin Traversie, 246; Vincent Dupris, 311; Merrie Miller, 317

District 5 Council Representative: Raymond Uses The Knife Jr., 111; Randel J. Lawrence, 199; Joseph Brings Plenty Sr., 181; Robert “Bob” Walters, 291

District 1 Chairman: Joleen Straighthead, 209; Joseph Eagle Boy, 127

District 2 NVJ Cultural Center Board of Directors: Bruce Brown Wolf, 120, Clara LeBeau, 61

District 2 CRST Personnel Hiring Board: Bruce Brown Wolf, 107; Clara LeBeau, 72

District 4 CRST 911 Board of Directors: Alvina Hump, 336; Ardys Cook, 342

District 4 Chairman: Alvina Hump, 351; Ardys Cook, 331

District 4 Personnel Policy Board: Justin LaPlante Jr., 409; Connie F. Bowker, 264

District 6 Council Representative: Tuffy Thompson, 237; Richard Rousseau, 154

CRST Election Board Chairman Bryce In The Woods holds up a spoiled ballot during the count of affidavit and absentee ballots on Thursday, November 15, at the CRST Hotel in Eagle Butte. Each spoiled ballot was motioned for approval or disapproval by the Election Board. Photo by Alaina Beautiful Bald Eagle