Thursday, April 18, 2019

Eagle Butte

Official Primary Election results released

On Friday, August 24, the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe released the official tallies for the tribal Primary Election, which took place on Tuesday, August 14. Listed below are the candidates who will be on the General Election ballots in November:

Chairman-at-large: Harold Frazier, 489; Kevin C. Keckler: 496

Secretary-at-large: Rhea E. LeCompte, 641; Ev Ann White Feather, 1135

Treasurer-at-large: Sharon F. Lee, 480; Benita Cook Clark, 781

District 1 Council Representative: James D. Williams, 64; Bernita In The Woods: 110

District 3 Council Representative: Sylvester Waloke, 79; Edward Widow, 145

District 4 Council Representative: Vincent T. Dupris, 129; Jessica Four Bear, 152; Merrie Miller, 171; Melvin Traversie, 121

District 5 Council Representative: Randel J. Lawrence, 122; Raymond Uses The Knife, Jr., 81; Robert “Bob” Walters, 199; Joseph Brings Plenty, Sr., 120

District 6 Council Representative: Richard Rousseau, 84; Tuffy Thompson, 145