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Nothing changes in city reorganization meeting

The old adage, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, seemed to apply at the May 7 Dupree City Council reorganization meeting, where there were no changes in the people who sit on the council, the city designations, committee assignments or salaries.

Sam Owen of Ward III and Donnie Farlee of Ward II were nominated to serve as President and Vice President respectively of the council, and both Jamie Pesicka, representing Ward II, and Unalee Howe, representing Ward I, were appointed unanimously to serve another one year term in their respective council positions.

Appointments were made as there were no individuals who applied to run for election to council this election season.

The most discussed issue at the council meeting was the garbage at the city’s dump site, where large trash items and household trash have piled up over the past few months creating an eye-sore for residents who live near the dump.

According to Jim Brook, he has a clear line of sight to the trash from his back porch, and attended the meeting to find out if and what the city planned to do to clear the mess.

Mayor Jim Veit explained that the tribe usually hauls that trash, but due to weather and then to the truck breaking down, the tribe has not been able to haul as much or as often as needed to keep up with the garbage heap.

Brook suggested the city ask the tribe to alternate paying for hauling the trash away, but Veit said the issue was not so much money, but available resources to haul the trash.

According to Veit, the tribe has one truck to haul the heavy trash, and that truck services the entire reservation. When it breaks down, then everyone has to wait as the trash piles up.

Veit suggested that the city buy a few roll-away garbage dumpsters and a truck to haul the heavy trash to the dump themselves, avoiding the potential delays, expense and pile-up at the city’s dumping site.

Concerns about the initial cost and upkeep of a truck to haul the dumpsters and the dumpsters themselves was expressed by Councilman Owen.

Adding to the mess at the dump is the deposit of household trash in the dumpsters.

“Anyone who carries household trash out there — that’s just not ethical,” Brooks said.

The dump, according to Veit and council members, is for large trash only, such as furniture and large appliances, such as couches and refrigerators.

Currently, there is also a trailer there, dropped off by the tribe’s Property & Supply because they had nowhere to take it, and did not have the equipment to cut it up.

According to Veit, when he spoke with Property & Supply, they said they are trying to get rid of several old trailers, but they are waiting for funding to clean them out, which may not come until September of next year. Veit said he is open to suggestions from the public about how to manage the trash at the dump site.

In other business, the council motioned to cease selling water in bulk as requested by local businesses, because it diminishes water pressure and availability to city residents. 

Dupree City Council members and officials: Maurice Lemke, financial officer, Unalee Howe, Ward I, Sam Owen, Ward III, Jamie Pesicka, Ward II, Sandy Lemke, Ward I, Arlene Martin, Ward III, Donnie Farlee, Ward II and Mayor Jim Veit. Photos by Jody Rust