Monday, September 16, 2019

Eagle Butte
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Mostly cloudy

Nine walk at TTS Graduation

Tiospaye Topa Class of 2019 made their final walk of the halls of TTS on Friday, May 17. The seniors graduating were Kendall Charger Jr., Jalen Guajardo, Jordan Hill, Kobey Iron Wing, Lakita Howard, Chantel Maupin, Chloe Rivers, Savannah Weasel, Zakariah Zainadine. Photo by LeAnn Thompson

Tiospaye Topa graduated 9 students from the 8th grade this past Friday. Students included Kaylynn Holy Bear, Khijah Goggles, Jonas Fire Cloud, Ashlynn Charger, Haleigh Bernie, Michael Rousseau, Kaden Rousseau, Adriana Johnson, Stace LeCompte. Photo by LeAnn Thompson