Wednesday, April 1, 2020

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Meth Changes Everything Campaign Kicks Off

The state of South Dakota is kicking off a campaign to remind South Dakotans that “Meth Changes Everything.”  The campaign, led by the Department of Social Services (DSS), is geared at educating high school students and communities across the state on the dangers of meth use.

“Meth has been affecting our state for decades, but is on the rise in some communities in South Dakota,” said Gov. Daugaard. “This campaign is a vital step forward in fighting the ongoing battle against meth use in South Dakota.” 

Meth use has caused a negative impact on families and communities in South Dakota. In addition to the problems and effects meth addiction has on individuals, it can cause an increase in criminal activities and community costs related to arrest and incarceration.

“It’s important to help South Dakotans understand the devastating consequences of meth use,” said Gov. Daugaard. “We need to get tough on meth use and strengthen prevention efforts, because meth ruins lives, devastates families, and leads to other crimes and harmful behaviors.”

South Dakotans are encouraged to take the pledge to stand against meth use by visiting the website The website provides information about meth use, resources for individuals seeking help and candid stories from recovering meth addicts.

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