Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Eagle Butte

Meet the local Top 5 qualifiers for SDRA Finals

Above: Kaden Deal rides saddle bronc at the 2019 INFR Tour Rodeo in Whiteshield, ND.

Kaden Deal

Ranked 2nd overall in saddle bronc; Age: 31; From Dupree, SD

How have you prepared for this year’s SDRA finals?

I just take it horse by horse, day by day. You can’t really get too far ahead of yourself — if you think of the end result before you start, then you’re just going to play a mental game on yourself.

What obstacles did you have to overcome this rodeo season?

Just staying mentally sound and staying in shape, while trying to shuffle everything going on. I run a feed business in Eagle Butte, and work as a field man at the sale barn in Faith, run my own cattle operation, all while trying to keep everything straight and making sure I have fun doing everything.

What are your hopes for the future?

That I can do my best and progress every time that I ride, and hopefully win the title at the end of it. I’d like to win the SDRA because a lot of my mentors have won it. It would mean a lot to me.

What message do you have for young rodeo athletes?

The biggest thing is to make sure you’re riding and competing for the right reasons. You want to ride for yourself and accomplish your own goals. Set goals every year and work towards them. Then get the right travelling partners. Don’t let nothing or anyone stand in the way of you being the best you that you can be.



Sydney Maher compete in barrel racing at the 2016 Dupree SDRA Rodeo.

Sydney Maher

Ranked 4th overall in barrel racing

Age: 20

From Timber Lake, SD

At what age did you start your rodeo career?

I started rodeoing when I was a kid around the age of seven to eight. I started with jackpots, showdeos, 4-H rodeoing, and haven’t stopped since. I worked my way up to little britches rodeos, high school rodeos, SDRA/NRCA, college and pro.

What strategies do you use to prepare for the SDRA/NRCA Finals?

For preparing for the finals or any rodeo, I make sure horses get rode and worked out everyday like they always do. If a horse needs slow worked and needs to work on fundamentals, I’ll do that too. I make sure horses are always well taken care of- food, water, and cared for. I’ll even up their grain amount when hauling a bunch. Always making sure they are well taken care of and comfortable.

What is your goal in the future in this event?

I have a few goals that I’ve been able to cross off my list already, and a lot of goals I’d like to accomplish still. I’d like to qualify for the College National Finals Rodeo (CNFR) and compete aggressively at the Finals. Once I get my WPRA permit filled, I want to buy my card and continue to pro rodeo. There’s a lot of big pro rodeos along with the finals that would be awesome to get to run at someday.

What advice would you like to share with up and coming future barrel racers?

Winning streaks never last, but then again neither do losing streaks. I’ve been at the top and I’ve been at the bottom. Rodeo is such a humbling sport and teaches you so much in life. Never give up or lose sight of your end goal. Your hard work will pay off and it will be so rewarding when it does.

**Due to a college rodeo scheduled the same weekend as SDRA Finals, Sydney will not be attending SDRA; however, she will be going to the NRCA finals the first weekend in November.



Brent Woodward competes in steer wrestling at the Dupree SDRA Rodeo in June 2019.

Brent Woodward

Ranked 2nd overall in steer wrestling

Age: 20

From Dupree, SD

How have you prepared for this year’s SDRA finals?

I’ve been down here at school in Alva, Oklahoma and going to as many college rodeos as I can.

What are your hopes for the future?

To hopefully do good at SDRA and hope to make college finals this spring.

What message do you have for young rodeo athletes?

Keep practicing all the time and keep working at your goals, the winning will come.



Trey Young successfully ropes his calf at the Sitting Bull Stampede PRCA Rodeo in Mobridge last summer.

Trey Young

Ranked 2nd overall in calf roping

Age: 28

From Dupree, SD

What age did you start your rodeo career?

I started rodeoing around 7 or 8 years old.

What inspired you to choose calf roping?

I grew up in a rodeo family and my dad and grandpa both roped calves, so I naturally tended to lean towards that event.

Have you qualified or won a championship in calf roping before? If so, what years and how many times?

I have won the SDRA year-end in the calf roping four times, six times in the NRCA, and one time in the Badlands Circuit.

What strategies do you use to prepare for the SDRA finals?

As far as preparation for the SDRA finals, I just try to practice leading up to the finals. When I get there I try to be as aggressive as I can in my runs without making too many costly mistakes.

What advice would like to share with up and coming future calf ropers?

My advice for young calf ropers would be to make sure to put in the work in preparation. Calf roping is an event that takes a lot of practice. Other than that, I would say try to beat yourself mentally before you even compete. Rodeo has its ups and downs and it’s best to have a short memory.


Melvin Cummings covers a bareback horse at the Great Plains Indian Region Rodeo in Kilgore this past summer.

Melvin Cummings

Ranked 4th overall in bareback riding

From Eagle Butte, SD

**No information was available from Melvin at press time**