Wednesday, December 12, 2018

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Maxwell Peacock selected to attend HOBY

Maxwell Peacock, son of Patty and Mark Peacock, was the sophomore selected this year by the Dupree School faculty and staff to attend this summer’s Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership program and Shantell Brewer, daughter of Fanny and Jess Brewer, is the alternate.  The four day conference is one of 70 held in the USA each year and it will be held at Dakota State University June 14-17, 2018 and students will participate in programs designed to enhance their leadership skills.  The 10,000 students chosen to attend each year, through 70 available sites, do activities and attend seminars with professionals that excel in volunteerism, media, education, philanthropy, and politics.  In order to attend a conference, a student must be a sophomore and be selected by their school as someone that has shown great people skills and involvement and the potential to become a stronger leader in their high school and community.  The HOBY Leadership program was developed in 1958 by Hugh O’Brian (who became famous by playing Wyatt Earp on tv shows and other acting) after he spent nine days with the 1952 Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Albert Schweitzer (musician/theologian/doctor) and left feeling that the success of the future and hope for peace meant training young people to be better leaders, learning to think for themselves, and the importance of helping others/getting involved.  O’Brian created the plans for the HOBY program two weeks after he visited Dr. Schweitzer.  Therefore, the program has been working with teenagers for almost 60 years.