Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Eagle Butte

March 3, 2020 regular meeting of the Dewey County Commissioners

The Dewey County Commissioners met on Tuesday, March 3, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. in the Dewey County Courthouse. Chairman Bob Berndt called the meeting to order. Present: Commissioners Rod Enright, Bob Keckler, Dee Ann Lawrence and John Meginness. Absent: None. Rod Enright made a motion to approve the minutes of the January 7, 2020 regular meeting and the January 27, 2020 special meeting without reading. Bob Keckler seconded it.  Motion carried.

Commissioner Dee Ann Lawrence made motion to appoint Mary Ducheneaux as Auditor and to accept her resignation for the Deputy Treasurer.   Bob Keckler seconded it.  Motion carried.  Auditor Ducheneaux will receive the same salary as Previous Auditor Kyrie Lemburg received.

Auditor Ducheneaux presented a memorandum of Understanding between the Department of Veterans Affairs Black Hills Health Care System and Dewey County for parking up to 2 vehicles in the courthouse parking lot.  Deputy Auditor Leibel had States Attorney Steve Aberle look it over prior to the meeting and he saw no conflict with it.  Motion to accept made by Dee Ann Lawrence, seconded by Bob Keckler.  Motion carried.



Sheriff Les Mayer updated the commissioners on recent prisoner count.

Discussion was held on setting a wage for temporary part-time Deputy Sheriff Amber Cooper, who will be filling in for Deputy Ashley Arpan while he is on medical leave.  She will be working a schedule of 5 days on, 5 days off, working from 6 PM to 2:30 AM, covering the hours that Deputy Assman and Sheriff Mayer are off.

States  Attorney Aberle will check into Dewey Counties sick, annual leave & leave without pay policies and also SDRS short term disability and the federal laws on short term employment contracts.

Mayer stated that they are still advertising to fill a deputy position and has received some applications and has had inquiries on the opening.

Auditor Ducheneaux informed the board that David from Central Enhancement district had called and would like to added to the April meeting agenda.  The board agreed to include him with the cities time slot on the agenda to discuss the District Central Enhancement.



Wade Huntington from the SD Department of Health requested executive session for personnel.

Rod Enright made the motion to go into executive session and Bob Keckler second it.  The board, Auditor Ducheneaux & Deputy Auditor Leibel entered executive session at 10:40. The board entered regular session at 11:15 with no action taken.



Lyle Richter former Highway Superintendent, brought to the Commissioners the Beadle County bid for culverts for 2020 from True North Steel of Huron, SD.  Bob Keckler made a motion to accept the bid and John Meginness second.  Motion passed.




On February 21, 2020, the Highway Department called for bids for 750 gallons of unleaded gas for Timber Lake.

Phone bids were received as follows:

Locken Oil, unleaded gas, Gas: $2.29

Slater Oil, unleaded gas, pass

Dewey County accepted Locken Oil’s bid.

Richter presented a bridge reinspection program resolution to be signed as required by the state.  Motion made by Rod Enright and seconded by John Meginness.  Motion passed.

Rod made a motion to go into executive session to discuss hiring the Highway Superintendent.  Bob Keckler second.  Motion passed.  At 11:28 the board, Auditor Ducheneaux & Deputy Auditor Leibel entered executive session and returned to regular session at 11:40.

Bob Keckler made a motion to hire Jason Lawrence, seconded by Dee Ann Lawrence.  Rod Enright voted no, John Meginness voted no, & Bob Berndt voted no.  Motion died.

Rod Enright made a motion to hire Will Wiedmer, seconded by John Meginness.  Dee Ann Lawrence voted no, Bob Keckler voted no and Bob Berndt voted yes.  Motion to hire Will Wiedmer passed.

Rod Enright made a motion to go into executive session for janitor interviews, seconded by John Meginness.  Motion passed.

Kathy Nelson Editor of the Timber Lake Topic/Isabel Dakota requested that names of the applicants be included in the minutes.  Commissioners gave their approval.

The commissioners, Auditor Ducheneaux & Deputy Auditor Leibel entered executive session at 11:43 to interview Karen Bruner, Rose Maynard telephonic and Carla Goldade.

The board went into regular session at 12:05.

Dee Ann Lawrence made a motion to hire Karen Bruner, seconded by Bob Keckler.  Rod Enright voted yes, John Meginness voted yes and Bob Berndt voted yes.  Motion to hire Karen Bruner passed.


Will Wiedmer joined the meeting and accepted the position as Dewey County Highway Superintendent.

A lengthy discussion was held whether to advertise for the position Wiedmer held as blade operator/laborer or to use applications that had been received for the Highway Superintendent position.  It was decided Wiedmer would use applications received for the superintendent’s position rather than to advertise.



Auditor Ducheneaux presented a letter from Sacred Heart Center in Eagle Butte, in appreciation of the dollars provided to their organization through domestic violence fees collected by the County.

Ducheneaux asked what the Commissioners will grant for Easter Holiday.  She stated Governor Noem granted Administrative leave on April 10th and 13th to State employees. Dewey County followed the State in the past, but the policy was changed in December to commissioner’s decision each Holiday.  John Meginness suggested to give all day April 10th Good Friday off to employees.  Rod E., Bob K., and Bob B. agreed.  Dee Ann L. stated she would be in favor of giving off Good Friday and Easter Monday.

The Dewey County employees will be granted leave all day Friday April 10th and the Courthouse will be closed in observance of Good Friday.

The Annual Report of Dewey County was handed out.  It was noted that every fund had made money.

Discussion was held whether to combine the April 7th regular meeting with the April 14th Equalization meeting.  It was decided to leave the two meetings separate.



States Attorney, Steve Aberle requested executive session for personnel, poor relief and mental illness.  John Meginness made motion to go into executive session and Bob Keckler second it.  Motion carried.  The board, State’s Attorney Aberle, Auditor Ducheneaux and Deputy Auditor Leibel entered executive session at 1:30.  The board returned to regular session at 1:45.  Bob K. made motion to deny payment for Case #1, Case #2, Case #3, Case #5 and Case #6 since all individuals are eligible for IHS services, seconded by Dee Ann Lawrence.  Motion passed.

John Meginness made motion to deny payment for Case #4 since individual is eligible for services through IHS and no proof of residency in Dewey County, seconded by Rod Enright.  Motions passed.

Commissioner Enright updated the board with information from the Walworth County jail meeting he attended.

Deputy Auditor Leibel informed the board that Dewey County received bank Franchise fees in February in the amount of $25,379.90. which is an increase from the $9,428.73 received in 2019.  After apportioning these funds to cities & schools, Dewey County retained $10,608.80, which was receipted into the general fund.


Sheriff Mayer and Deputy Sheriff Dan Assman returned to the meeting to continue discussion on Amber Coopers wage.

Dee Ann Lawrence made a motion to hire Amber Cooper as part-time temporary Deputy Sheriff, working up to 40 hours a week at $17 an hour. Seconded by John Meginness.  All in favor.  Motioned passed.

Cooper will start work on March 13th and use a sheriff’s vehicle when on duty.





Fingerprints (1) 10.00

24-7 County Fees 177.00

Other Fees

(Sale of Surplus I phone 7) 50.00

TOTAL $237.00




Total amount of deposits in banks


Total amount of actual cash


Checks in possession

less than 3 days


Checks & cash in possession

over 3 days


Total $5,197,104.23




Clifford Marshall, equipment rental (outstanding) — $102.00

Teena Pateneaude, equipment rental (outstanding) — $91.80

CRST Landfill, equipment rental (outstanding) — $306.00

Money Collected-None





Total fees collected


Modernization & Preservation

fees collected


SD Retirement, retirement for all


Colonial Life


AFLAC, Insurance for all


SDRS Roth 457


EFTPS-WH & Medicare/SS/All


The board approved the following claims for payment beginning with the Net Salaries for February by Department: Commissioners $2,306.28; Auditor $7,773.75; Treasurer $5,576.59; State’s Attorney $4,587.57; Building $317.24; Equalization $5,429.70; Register of Deeds $4,548.83; Veteran Service Officer $430.90; Sheriff $9,221.60; Coroner 92.35, Emergency Management $352.81; County Road $34,956.21; Nurse $573.92; WIC $120.64; Library $2,080.19; Extension $1,778.39 and War Hawk $805.72. TOTAL NET SALARIES FOR FEBRUARY, 2020: $80,952.74.


A & B Business Solutions Inc., copier rent & supplies 418.25; AT & T Mobility, internet 127.98; Country Market, supplies 62.92; CRST Telephone Authority, internet 526.92; Dupree School, monthly transmittals 1,350.58; Eagle Butte City, monthly law enforcement fees & monthly transmittals 13,826.00; Eagle Butte School, monthly transmittals 30,915.72; Isabel City, monthly transmittals 4,430.68; Three Rivers Mental Health, 2020 budget 5,000.00; Timber Lake City, monthly transmittals 10,234.86; Timber Lake School, monthly transmittals 49,190.34; Verizon Wireless, cell service 419.27; Visa, supplies & tools 1,195.00; American Solutions, supplies 160.92; Anytime Heating & Cooling, heating inspection 140.00; Avera Occupational Medicine, drug testing 220.65; Robert Berndt, mileage 67.20; Connecting Point, computer software 372.50; Department of Transportation, cost share 1,956.88; Dewey County Treasurer, advance tax 1,130.82; Mary Ducheneaux, meals 26.00;DVL Fire & Safety, fire Ex. Recharge & repairs 137.00; Eagle Stop, EBFD gas 79.73; EMC Insurance Co., insurance 54.00; Rodney Enright, mileage for jail mtg 35.28; Equipment Blades, blades 3,680.00; Evident, Inc., supplies 337.48; Clint Farlee, warhawk travel 134.00; Marty Jo Hintz, mileage & meals WIC 61.60; Bob Keckler, mileage 87.36; Dee A Lawrence, mileage 70.56; Cherie Leibel, mileage & meal reimbursement 165.44; Locken Oil, LLC, gas & fuel 1,722.54; Mail Finance, postage meter lease 156.54; MCI, long distance service 94.89; John C. Meginness, mileage $21.84; Melling & Roseland Law, PC, court appointed attorney fees 375.50; Mobridge Gas Co., propane 2,011.59; Sylvia Mowrer, interpreter fees & mileage 137.80; Neofunds, postage 500.00; Pharmchem Inc., analysis 57.10; PMB 0112 Executive Mgnt. F. O., internet 82.00; Powerplan, repairs 486.58; Joel Schweitzer, computer work 100.00;  Assn of SD Co. Weed & Pest, dues 150.00; State of SD Public Health Lab, analysis 180.00; SD Assn County HWY Supts, dues 275.00; Servall Uniform & Linen, rugs & supplies 185.80; Steinley Real Estate Appraisal, registration fees 420.00; Timber Lake Topic, publishing 1,326.76; Tri State Water, water 26.20; Walworth County Treasure, prisoner care 190.00; Western Communications, warhawk tower contract 140.99; AT & T Mobility, internet 112.76; Biegler Equipment, supplies, filters & repairs 5,082.84; CenturyLink, phone plans 899.18; City of Mobridge, Zuercher fees 2,494.20; City of TL, water, sewer & garbage 174.21; Country Market, supplies & water 91.72; Department of Revenue, monthly fees to state 49,128.66; Department of Transportation, cost share 111.31; EMC, insurance 4,733.71; Game, Fish & Parks, monthly fees 214.00; Moreau Grand Electric, utilities & security lights 1,199.78; SDAAO, registration fees 700.00; Vonage, phone plan 114.56; West River Eagle, publishing 696.40; SD Assoc. of Co. Officials, M & P Fees 42.00; & West River Research & Extension, registration fee 70.00.

Since there was no further business, Bob Keckler made a motion to adjourn and Dee Ann Lawrence seconded it. Motion carried. The next regular meeting will be held April 7, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. in the Dewey County Courthouse.