Wednesday, September 23, 2020

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Love and compassion in a time of crisis: Friends, family and neighbors join together to help longtime rancher during medical emergency.

“Love thy neighbor” took on new form when Joyce Collins needed a hand. Joyce is a longtime resident of Ziebach County and has ranched south of Eagle Butte for decades on her family ranch. Due to a recent accident, Joyce found herself having emergency surgery in Pierre, South Dakota, which prevented her from collecting the hay that was put up for winter.

Without hesitation, her longtime neighbor, Dan Keller, got on the phone and started calling friends, family, and neighbors to haul in Joyce’s hay.

Rick Farlee answered the call, as did Larry Keller, Chisum Farlee, Clay Farlee, J.R. Keckler, Harley Morgan, Chase Briggs, Tom Hunt, Doug Maher, Sid Laplante, Mark Reihard, John Holmes, Tommy Dale Vines, Jace Birkeland, Gabby LaPlante, Jeb Hunt and Todd Brooks.

On the morning of Sunday, Aug. 23, the group gathered in a convoy of trucks, tractors, and trailers, and together, they hauled in over 1,200 bales, neatly stacking them.

Lorraine Keller, Dee Anne Ducheneaux, Danette Albers and Sheridan Miner prepared sack lunches for the crew and delivered them to the field. The lunches were prepared with an abundance of caution due to the coronavirus pandemic.

With the last bale stacked and ready to be used when the South Dakota winter roars, Joyce’s daughter, Tami, shared pictures of the event with her mom.

The photographs brought a smile to her face.

With good neighbors, you can get your hay hauled in, even if you have a broken hip.

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