Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Eagle Butte

Locals compete in Kilgore, NE Indian Rodeo

Jake Longbrake competed in the team roping, century team roping and senior men’s breakaway in Kilgore, NE.

Kourt Starr plans to head a steer for Riggin Mortenson in the team roping event. Photos by Kimmy Scherer

Jeremy Ferguson handles a steer for Kelan Gesinger in the team roping at the Kilgore, NE GPIRA rodeo that was held July 6 and July 7. Photos by Kimmy Scherer

Daycen Hunt pitches his slack in the tie-down roping.

Doug Lawrence looks to make a run in the tie-down roping. Photos by Kimmy Scherer

Dylan Lemmon guides her horse around the second barrel.

Melvin Cummings gives it his all to cover his bareback horse during the Sunday performance.

Shantell Brewer pulls herself a time in the ladies’ breakaway.

Jhett Knight covers his bareback horse in Kilgore, NE at the GPIRA rodeo.

Jakki Hunt catches a time in the ladies breakaway roping during the GPIRA rodeo in Kilgore, NE held July 6 and 7.

Dylan Lemmon competed in the ladies’ breakaway event.