Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Eagle Butte

Letters to Delaena: Tiospaye Topa sixth graders respond to graffiti incident

You’re sincerely awesome. You’re beautiful, kind. You’re great, nice eyes. You’re smart, amazing. You’re cool, happy. You’re generous, wonderful. I love your great, smart and awesome self.

– Jaden Two Hawks


I’m so sorry about your painting. I thought your painting was beautiful and I’m sorry they said that stuff on your painting. I hope you keep working on your painting. If that happened to me I would be sad. Your painting was so beautiful. It’s cool that you put pink in the painting. I’m thankful you represented breast cancer. I’m thankful that you did that for our people.

– Kambria T.


I am so sorry for what they did to your painting. It probably took you a week to do it. I think about how I would have felt if I saw graffiti on my paintings. I would cry, and be mad and sad. I hope you’ll be happy soon. Always remember – never give up on your dreams and to always believe in yourself throughout your life. That means if I can do it then that means you can too. If you want to keep painting and that’s your way through life, I’m happy for you. We cannot let our Lakota language die. We have to keep on learning and learning Lakota. Again, I am so sorry for what happened to your painting.

– Nancy Iron Bird


When I saw your painting it was very pretty. I saw the other picture with the graffiti and I felt really bad because your painting was the most colorful and pretty. The people that did probably don’t care for others and are just mean. I am really sorry that they did that. You have really good talent. I can’t even make clouds look like a tutunka/buffalo and a pretty girl wearing pretty clothing. I loved your painting because I can’t even do that. They just put ugly graffiti, it was very mean. They probably did that to make friends or they probably did that to be really mean. I still feel really sorry that what happened to your pretty painting.

– Phoebe Dolphus.


If I painted something that big and someone came and messed up my whole painting, I would get mad and will start to cry. I would be so sad and would I also be really mad. I would feel so bad for my friend, Angel Benson, because she knows how to paint and I would be made if someone ruined her painting. I know how you feel because I painted a really pretty painting for my mom and someone came and t messed it up, and that made me cry. But I think that you paint really good and the painting that you did that must have took a lot of time to do. You are pretty and you are so nice. Don’t let anyone make fun of you. You are strong, and every day you look beautiful. No one is ever going to be able to paint as good as you can. Those paintings must mean everything.

– Pamela Meeter


I feel really bad for you. It’s messed up for someone to do something like that. I know you worked hard on a big painting. You are really good at painting. I could not have done that. I can’t believe someone could have done that to a beautiful painting like yours. If I ever did that, I  would never forgive myself. People can be cruel sometimes. I’m sorry for your amazing painting.

– Smokey Lawrence


I feel bad because I know how my sister, Angel Benson, lost to the same person. My mom encouraged her to keep painting, so she started to feel better and now she keeps painting. I hope that you keep painting because our people never gave up. So stand strong, keep painting, and keep chasing your dreams. Keep representing us. I liked your painting. A whole bunch of people liked it and another bunch weren’t natives, so prove those people that didn’t believe you wrong. I believe in you, the whole 6th grade believes in you. Don’t give up on your dreams or us. Wipes those tears. Our people cried enough. Keep painting for the Lakota people. Paint for your mom, your siblings, paint for the river, our land, and our people’s health.

– Adam Benson


I’m sorry someone did that to your painting. I would be mad and sad if someone did that to my painting. They shouldn’t have done that. They’re very bad people, but you’re a strong woman because you are recreating the painting. If someone did that to me, I would be too sad to recreate it. Your painting skills are way better than mine, and that’s a beautiful painting. I’m going to practice and see if I get better at painting, like you. I am so sorry. Thank you for representing us, I really appreciate that.

– Angel Benson


I’m sorry that your painting was ruined. You worked hard on it and put your blood, sweat and tears in that painting. I’m not good at cheering someone up, but I know who can. I recommend this one K-Pop band, “BTS”. If you already know who they are and you don’t really like them, that’s okay, but trust me, they will make your day. They made my weeks better. Anyway, I’m sorry for your painting loss. Just don’t fall into depression over something you can forgive in a few weeks. Trust me, I found that out the hard way. I also like to paint and draw sometimes. I have a big box of art supplies that I don’t really use, but I make use of it anyway. I made a pair of jeans that I painted on, and that took three days because I wanted to make it pretty for my sister. My mom wash the jeans and they were ruined so I was sad, but then I just decided they were useless anyway.

– Brazee Hollow Horn


I’m sorry Delaena for your painting. At first it looked beautiful, but the second picture looked bad. Those rude people. It looked beautiful with a native girl building a tipi. My cousin, Miles, did a painting then someone wrote bad things on the painting, just like someone wrote bad things on yours. Why would they do that? They are really rude. They should have left it alone. Your painting looked pretty, I loved it. Do you love painting? I do. It is so fun and it makes you calm down. When I grow up, I want to paint. My best friend, Angelle, is a good painter, so is my other friend, Angel. Please try your best and when you do another, please post it on Facebook. Don’t let anybody say mean things to you. Ignore them.

– Latiah Talks