Saturday, September 26, 2020

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Letter to the Editor: Rotate the States

Rotate the States

Dear Editor,

Every four years since 1972, Iowa and New Hampshire in tandem have repeatedly been the first two states to vote in the American presidential primary process. Isn’t it time for the other 48 states to take their turns at being one of the first two states to vote?

We should reform the presidential primary process in time for 2024 by instituting a rotational centurial schedule whereby every state will finally have the opportunity to be one of the first two states to vote.

Rotating the states would bring a much needed, overdue element of fairness to our primary system by giving each state (no matter how sparsely populated) a period of political relevance.

Also, moving Iowa and New Hampshire out of their unwarranted privileged political positions at the front of the line would help make the process more demographically representative of the nation at large.

Here’s an idea of what the first two states’ rotational schedule could look like over the course of the next century:

2024    Kansas, California.

2028    Vermont, Texas.

2032    Montana, New York.

2036    North Dakota, Florida.

2040    Idaho, Illinois.

2044    Oregon, Ohio.

2048    Arkansas, Pennsylvania.

2052    New Mexico, North Carolina.

2056    Kentucky, Michigan.

2060    Alabama, Arizona.

2064    Oklahoma, Massachusetts.

2068    Wyoming, Missouri.

2072    Connecticut, Wisconsin.

2076    Utah, Georgia.

2080    Hawaii, Washington.

2084    West Virginia, Colorado.

2088    Nebraska, Virginia.

2092    Indiana, New Jersey.

2096    Maine, Tennessee.

2100    Mississippi, Minnesota.

2104    Delaware, Louisiana.

2108    South Dakota, Maryland.

2112    Alaska, Nevada.

2116    Rhode Island, South Carolina.


Jake Pickering, Arcata, CA

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