Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Eagle Butte

Letter to the Editor: Protection of Native spiritual rights important for prisoners

Dear Madam,

I am writing to you with good feelings in my heart and with hope upon my breath.

The issue I want to present is serious and has to deal with Native Religious Rights. I have an eagle feather that has been desecrated by this institutions staff members or member and is being actively trying to be swept under the rug. I have been or sent out letters to two Native American Indian Rights Organizations: National Congress of American Indians, Massachusetts Ave NW , 2nd Floor, Washington, DC 20036 on 12-30-2019 the other Indian Treaty Council Suite 400 54 Mint St, San Francisco, CA 94103 on 01-01-2020.

Well both of them letters have been returned to sender, and I thought to myself how can this be. So before I can think or come up with a conspiracy theory I thought that I know that you are real person and ask if you know of anyone whom can help with protecting Native American Indian traditional, cultural, and religious rights help to draw attention to possible Native American Indian Religious Rights violation as I will explain next what has happened is true and has caused me much injury.

In July 3 of 2018 I went to the SHU or Special Housing Unit and an officer Ms. Webh packed my property and placed my eagle feather on top very respectfully and I had asked the officers at the SHU what had happened to my eagle feather. They told me to ask the pastor Ken Harris when I get out of the SHU. When that day came I went to Pastor Harris and he didn’t have any idea and told me that he will find out about it. I A few days had passed and I asked him and he asked where I got my feather. I told him that my cousin Kenny Fiddler had given it to me at Tucson, AZ USP. Then he told that my eagle feather was destroyed and that it was not on the compound and that I will never see it again. I asked a or the Lt. and he told me the same thing. I e-mailed AW (Assistant Warden) Johnson and was told the same thing. Then put a tort claim in the early part of 2019 and in July 8 2019 Pastor Harris took me into his office and presented me an envelope that had my eagle feather and it was noticeably different. He asked me if I remember it and I cried some and told him it was my feather but it was shorter. Pastor Harris asked me if it was alright. I told him that the beadwork that I had on the quill had been cut off and the barbs have been cut to look somewhat like a natural feather and it looks like the barbs have been burned or singed. He told me that s how they gave it to me. So some officers has desecrated my eagle feather when they have policies on how to handle feathers.

Them policies have not been adhered to and I have been filing administration remedy after remedy. Finally I am getting tired of the lies they are trying to defend and decided to seek outside help from Religions Rights Organizations whom can help me with this battle of violations against my religious rights. I’m not trying to make headlines and at the same time I need help in this case or cause because I don’t want any other Native to go through the pain, and believe me when I saw my feather July 8, 2019in the Pastors office it was like I saw a family member that I knew had gone to the spirit world – alive. This feather I write about means a lot to me and I have written to my Aunt Bela Meeter to tell my Uncle Jim Meeter in what to do with my feather now that I got it back from the administration that took it from me in the first place. I think that they are trying to make any proof that my eagle feather even exists disappear. So can you help me by contacting anyone who can help me.

For your time, consideration, good ear, and seriousness..

Pila Maye


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