Saturday, September 26, 2020

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Letter to the Editor: Politics and Trump Connection

Dear Editor,

Last Sunday morning, CNN showed portions of a Trump rally where he repeatedly yelled that Dems lost the election — that Dems were now attempting a do-over. This after three years have passed. 

Yahoo reported on Monday that Fox’s Tucker Carlson claimed he was rooting for Russia. Screen text explained that Dems were doubling down on the Russia hoax. Carlson later added that America should take Russia’s side if a choice were to be made between Russia and Ukraine.

The House Intelligence Committee’s report came out on Tuesday. Midway through the Executive Summary was an assertion that Fox’s Sean Hannity had amplified Trump’s smears against Ambassador Yovanovitch – even before she was relieved of duties in Ukraine last Spring.

Fox News got started as a Republican outlet by Roger Ailes using Rupert Murdoch’s money. Ailes and other Nixon aides submitted a plan to President Nixon regarding creation of a new TV network. The idea was to provide pro-administration coverage while circumventing existing media. The Ailes memo pointed out that people are lazy, that people just sit-watch-listen and allow thinking be done for them. Nixon embraced the idea of a network that would lead a brutal, vicious attack on the opposition. Fox has definitely lived up to its expectations.

Besides Fox News support for Trump, leadership in Russia, China, and North Korea cheer on his continued presidency. Russia’s big payoff came when Trump got sanctions lifted for oligarchs and regime. Also, Trump’s policies have bolstered Russian influence around the world at the expense of America. Lastly, a politically-connected Chinese official was quoted in the Washington Post recently, saying they prefer Trump to be president  because he is easily bought. 

Dave L. Wegner

Sioux Falls, S

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