Monday, January 18, 2021

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Letter to the editor: No horse neglect in Bridger

Dear Editor,

We would like to address the letter written by Wallace Little Moon in last week’s West River Eagle. There is no truth to the horses going without water. They are given water, food, and are staked in different locations for fresh grass. Our son has been responsible when it comes to his horses, giving vaccinations, sprays and powders to protect them from ticks and flies. He applied for a horse brand through the SD Brand Board and branded them. He is building a horse corral the old fashion way- another hard lesson to be learned for any horse owner. There is no intention of starving or dehydrating them.

Mr. Little Moon, if you wanted to inquire and express your concern, you could have come to our home at any time and just asked, instead, you jumped to conclusions. We will not let anyone speak negatively about something that is so positive in our son’s life. We will not stand by and let an individual turn a young man’s journey of learning about the importance of horses into something trivial.

As an elder, you should understand that the young Lakota generation is in dire need of guidance and need to learn about our Lakota culture from elders like you, Mr. Little Moon. Instead of trying to diminish our son’s personal journey, it would be more productive of you to go out into the communities and speak to the young Lakotas that need your Lakota leadership.


Bennett & Theodora Belt

Bridger, SD

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