Thursday, May 13, 2021

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Letter to the Editor: My hats off to West River Eagle

Dear Editor,

I’d like to begin by thank you for printing my last letter that I sent your way. I did not hear from anyone or find any type of help about the staff desecrating my eagle feather, but I have renewed confidence to continue my cause.

The words that you print are awesome and do hold truth as I can tell you have passion for the First Nations People. Duh, you’re native as well, but I’m referring to the coverage of the history of our people and your photographs of them. Hands clapping around the world for you, that is clap your hands in a circle to symbolize that you are around the world. I know, I’m a native nerd but it gets me through the next moment.

Keep up the good work and stay zesty. Much prayers are sent your way. Thank you.

Chad Two Hearts

Jesup, Georgia

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