Saturday, September 26, 2020

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Letter to the Editor: Let 2019 be the last year of the memorial ride

Dear Editor,

The 1890 HAWK Survivor Descendants Group (formerly known as the Wounded Knee/Chanpke Taopi Survivor Descendants Society) come now and are stating that we do not want the Spotted Elk, Uphan Gleska (aka Big Foot/SiThanka) name to be used for monetary gains and donations (another words, exploitation).

In December, 1990 in the final year of the SiThanka Wokiksuye Ride, at its conclusion, a conducting of the Wiping of the Tears Ceremony occurred- this was to be the end of it.

We respectfully request that our Oyate and others no longer hold these memorial rides. Our Wounded Knee relatives from other side come back each year to ride with all. They have spoken to us and they are very tired now.

We sincerely hope that you respect our proclamation/statement and are mindful of our relatives, now long departed. We will no longer support and endorse any memorial ride from thence forth after this year of 2019.

In 2020, we plan to ride/run/walk back from Wounded Knee/Chanpe Taopi as a final tribute to those of our relatives who returned to Wakpa Waste (Good River/Cheyenne River).

Chanlwasteya le unkeyapi yelo! (We say this with a good heart),

HAWK1890 Survivor Descendants Society

Wakpa Waste Oyanke

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