Thursday, February 27, 2020

Eagle Butte
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Mostly clear

Letter to the Editor: Invitation to powwow

Remember incarcerated relatives

Dear Alaina Beautiful Bald Eagle,

Our Oceti Sakowin prisoners incarcerated in the main penitentiary in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, invite you to our powwow on March 7, 2020. You are a fearless Lakota veteran and a leader who walks with all of our tribes. We commend you for all that you to keep our people safe.

We invite our respected relatives and people from all of the four bands on the Cheyenne River Reservation to come into our prison camp and unify with us.

Honor us with your presence. People like Harold Frazier, Remi Bald Eagle, Melvin Garreau, and Ron Eagle Chasing are very powerful leaders in our homelands. We humbly ask Richard Charging Eagle to bring some veterans and provide us with protection. These men are role models and believe in our virtues.

Through the winds of honor, we ask Alaina Beautiful Bald Eagle, Madonna Thunder Hawk, Marcy Gilbert, Martina Looking Horse, Marcella LeBeau, Bonnie LeBeau, Cody High Elk, Genevieve Iron Lightning, and other powerful women to join us.

It would be a great privilege for the Four Bands People to send us a drum group, dancers, and women who can wicaglata.

Chief Joe Brings Plenty at 605-200-2851 and Toni Handboy at 605-200-2536 are important supporters of our prisoners. They know us personally.

We will present an eagle feather staff to Perry Little and Jim Hallum who are coordinators of a sacred horse ride they will be doing in March of 2020 from the Santi homelands in Nebraska, through Fort Thompson, and to the White Stone Hill Massacre Site, north of the Sisitunwan camps. Help us with this ceremony.

Call Mary Montoya at 605-367-5008 to get on our guest list. Our deadline is February 19, 2020.

George Blue Bird