Monday, August 10, 2020

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Letter to the Editor: Election is chance to make right choice for future

Dear Editor,

Tribal elections are nearing and I need to voice my opinions. It’s time for the people to look at what kind of candidates they are electing, for the future and health of our nation.

DNA testing must be required by the election board. If council is going to represent us they must show us that they are qualified. If you represent yourself as an Indian and you are not, that is a crime. They should forfeit their range units if their testing proves to be non-Indian.

Open enrollment is turning our money over to non-members and paying non-members and they take our land, our money, our rights, our women. Our people are poor and some are actually starving, but this land is used by white people because we have a white council.

Some tribal council members own their own businesses, they have range units, and on top of that, we pay the council members $4,000 a month. The elderly and youth should be taking control of the existing land because 95% of the land is being used by outside cattle operations. This is our reservation, it’s the only thing we have left and we cannot take care of it because somebody’s else’s input.

It is time to think about what kind of people we are electing. I am old. I need to speak now for the buffalo, for the poor people, and for the Indians. Takojas deserve a lot and they deserve to inherit more than we are leaving them.

Hap Marshall

Eagle Butte, SD