Tuesday, March 31, 2020

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Calling all Sundancers

With the coronavirus spreading around the world and throughout the U.S., people are increasingly feeling anxious, afraid and confused. For this reason, Richard Moves Camp and the Sun Dance leaders wanted to reach out and remind us that we must pray and work together more than ever in order to overcome the situation.

We want to encourage you to follow the recommended Federal, State and local Health Department precautions regarding travel, social distancing, and other prescribed safeguards. The danger is real.

If you’ve watched the news, you know that our political leaders are framing the situation as an “economic and medical crisis.” While this is partially true, there is also something much deeper and more serious going on. As Richard states, “This is a world-wide spiritual crisis that is telling us something very important about where we are as human beings and where we are in our relationship with the Mother Earth. It is a very critical time. A time not to be met with fear, but with prayer, love, faith and courage.”

As Sun Dance people, Richard is encouraging us to pray for healing, the restoration of balance, and for life to continue. Doing only as much as you are able, he recommends the following for the next few months:

*Load Your Pipe. Many of us will be using our pipes every Saturday evening at sun down. In this way, we align our prayers as one heart, one mind.

*Make 12 red ties once a week – or on the same evening you pray with your pipe. You can leave them in a designated place in your home (i.e., an altar), or hang them on a tree in your yard.

*Make 12 red ties every new moon.

*Take a break from the sweat lodge for at least the next few months, or until the danger has passed.

*If there are elders who live alone, or mothers with children who are having a difficult time, do what you can to comfort and help them. Many relatives are panicking and succumbing to the fear that is being hyped by the media, for this reason, stay strong and grounded in your prayer. This too shall pass and we will live through it.

Thank you, relatives. We are grateful for who you are and all that you do.


Richard Moves Camp

The Sun Dance Leaders

The WKT Board of Directors