Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Eagle Butte

Letter to the Editor…

Dear Editor,

I have a serious concern with an issue of horse owners mistreating or abusing their horses on our reservation. Such an incident I have observed recently when the weather was hot and very humid. A horse was tied up or staked down in a creek bed alongside a community road. The rope was all entangled up and twisted where the horse was extremely restricted in movement. The grass was all grazed down and no water available. No wind at all in the creek with flies and bees all around. I observed this in a three-day time frame and I don’t know how long prior to that how long this horse has been staked down in those terrible conditions.

As a horse owner myself, the horse should not be abused and put in those conditions. Lakota horse owners need to be educated about how we treat them Sunkan Wakan. There definitely needs to be a program and phone number readily available to the public in reporting such animal cruelty.

Wally Little Moon