Monday, August 10, 2020

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Lemke crowned Dupree Snow Queen

They were each was unique as the snowflakes used in the decor above their heads as they competed for the various Dupree Snow Queen titles and talent divisions, yet each sparkling in their own way helped to create a lovely night as the Dupree Snow Queen Festival was held on Saturday, November 14th and DHS Senior Mikaelyn Lemke was crowned Dupree Sr. Snow Queen by last year’s queen, and present day SD State Snow Queen Hannah Rose Higdon, and ninth grader Isabella Olvera won Dupree Jr. Snow Queen  and was crowned by Shelby Feickert, last year’s first runner-up that was standing in for Makenzie Dupree that was unable to attend.  First runner-up to the Jr. Snow Queens was Timber Lake student Kaylee LaCompte.  Due to the fact that Lemke was the only candidate in the senior division, there was not a runner-up.  Alyssa Roark was selected by the candidates to receive the title of Miss Congeniality and Isabella Olvera was chosen by Mrs. Kim Jensen, director of the Dupree Snow Queen Festival, as ‘Most Improved’.    The royal entrants and all others involved were introduced by the emcee for the evening, Mrs. Carly Schrempp.

The talent line up included a variety to keep everyone entertained and varied from dancing and singing solos to a comedy act and singing duets.  In the end, Mariah Jensen’s dance routine won the Junior talent division and Chloe Dupree’s singing solo took second place.  For the senior division talent, a singing/guitar duet by Olivia Dosch and Kelci Bends won the judges favor and took home first place and second place went to an act that brought lots of laughter to the gym as Shelby Feickert and Garrett Fischer did a fun ‘interview’ skit that won second place.

The first grade Snow Princess entrants, which there were five little girls hoping to find the snowflake in their gift, ended with Sierra Feickert finding the snowflake and becoming the 2015 Dupree Snow Princess.   Since none of the Dupree first grade boys entered the contest this year, Tre White Wolf will be holding his reign as the Dupree Snow Prince for another year.

Before the close of the evening, SD State Snow Queen Hannah Rose Higdon also took a few minutes to share her experiences as the Dupree Snow Queen and State Snow Queen and to show her appreciation for her ‘four parents-Sherry Lou Higdon, Jim Anderson, and John & Lynn Pesicka that have been there for her throughout her life and throughout the snow queen experience’.  In addition to her family, Higdon also thanked the Mrs. Kim Jensen and the community of Dupree for always supporting her and helping her to become the person she is today.

Helping to make the day and evening run smoothly were escorts walking the girls in (Garrett Fischer and JT Hunt), judges (Pauline Webb, Jeri Ann Vines, and Demi Beautiful Bald Eagle), and many other people that assisted Mrs. Kim Jensen in producing a wonderful evening of smiles in Dupree.