Sunday, January 20, 2019

Eagle Butte

Laughter and good food make Mother’s Day celebration a community affair

Over 120 people enjoyed the “Ina’s Day Show” on Sunday at the Cheyenne River Youth Project gymnasium.

The Mother’s Day celebration, sponsored by CRYP, included a full lunch of entrees, various salads and side dishes. A moist chocolate cake, decorated with bright pink flowers finished the delicious meal.

Comedian Mylo Smith, of the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe, entertained the crowd with his jokes and anecdotes of growing up “rugged and rezzed out.”

Smith’s mother was in attendance, and although it was her first time seeing her son perform, she was not immune from Smith’s teasing.

“Mom, we got some issues to work out. I know we’re supposed to be nice today and honoring moms, but look at the back of my head,” said Smith as he turned around, “this used to be round, now it’s flat,” Smith said.

Laughter and applause resonated through the gym as Smith joked that his mother and grandmother’s disciplining caused the flatness.

At the end of his skit, Smith said he was honored to perform for the ina’s.

“Mothers are paramount and sacred,” Smith said.

An intermission occurred between the comedy acts and flowers were given to mothers.

Chippewa comedian, Tito Ybarra, traveled from Minnesota and brought laughter and smiles as he shared jokes and hysterical hand drum songs.

His song, titled “Long Pause Song”, brought the house down with its literal long pauses.

Ybarra sang the lines, “Long Pause Song”, before he abruptly stopped beating his drum and began swaying his body to the deafening silence. The pause in the song lasted for what seemed like minutes. Ybarra suddenly began beating his drum and sang “long pause song”, only to pause again and sway in silence.

The crowd erupted in laughter and applause.

Ybarra ended the show and celebration with a special round dance song. Spectators made a large circle in the gym, held hands, and danced.

Smiles, laughter, and cheers abound as Ybarra’s voice echoed throughout the gym.

Ina’s left the gathering with full stomachs, flowers in hand, and with smiles and happiness.

Tito Ybarra performs at the Mother’s Day Show held at the Cheyenne River Youth Project gymnasium Sunday, May 13. Photo by Alaina Beautiful Bald Eagle