Monday, February 24, 2020

Eagle Butte

Lakeside Club House closes indefinitely

During the Eagle Butte City Council meeting on September 9, city council members voted unanimously to close the Lakeside Golf Course Club House indefinitely. 

The decision to close its doors came after years of profit loss, said City Council member John Bachman, who stated that the establishment of new eateries in Eagle Butte and not being able to sell alcoholic beverages contributed to the decline of patrons. 

In 2016, the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe determined that the City had failed to obtain a tribal business license, prompting the establishment to close and cease operations; however, that did not last long.

The legal turmoil was front page news in June 2016, when then-editor Ross DuBray reported, “The city decided to re-open the restaurant on Wednesday, June 22 with a sign on the door that they were operating without a tribal business license.”

In response to the City’s actions, the Tribe created a blockade, parking three vehicles in front of the access doors of the building.  

“On the windshield of each vehicle, was a warning sign and a letter directed to the mayor, city council, and finance officer. The letter was signed by the CRST Revenue Director Lynette Dupris and the tribal Attorney Marc Roy… In the letter, Dupris stated that the office informed the Mayor that the tribe needed financial information from the city before a license would be processed. The letter also stated that the revenue office has requested this information on numerous occasions,” wrote DuBray.

The disputes resulted in Tribe’s revocation of liquor licenses for the City-owned Club House and Package Liquor store, which ultimately caused the closure of the latter; and consequentially, led to business drying up at the Club House, over three years later.

Bachman said he helped open the Club House when he was mayor in the hopes that it would bring in revenue and provide recreation for area residents; however, he has since changed his tune about the City owning and operating enterprises.

In a November 24, 2016 story titled, “City Council cashes in $100,000 CD to renovate downtown restaurant”, Bachman stated he was against purchasing the Outrider Café, which is still a financial drain on the City and still sits closed on Main Street. He shared the same sentiments with the latest business failure.

“The least we could have done was lease the Club House. The City should not be in business,” Bachman said.