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Lady Braves Basketball close out season: Farewell to seniors Anderson, Buffalo-Halfred, Johnson, Norris and Twite

Lady Braves Basketball closed their 2023/2024 season when they played against the Mobridge/Pollock Tigers in their house on Tuesday, February 20. The Braves 5 and15 record and 36.350 seed point average — as compared to the Tigers 15 and 4 record and 42.737 seed point average  — is the reason why our girls had to be a-knockin’ on the Tigers’ front door.

Right after the tip off, which the Tigers controlled, the Braves put them on the line and Mobridge/Pollock got their first two points of the game. On the following possession, the Braves didn’t even get the ball across the division line before the Tigers stole it and Mobridge/Pollock scored again.

On their second possession they turned the ball over once more and Mobridge/Pollock scored again. On their third possession, they were assessed with a 10-second call, and Mobridge/Pollock missed a 3-pointer from the right coffin corner that the Braves rebounded.

On their fourth possession, they turned it over again and Mobridge/Pollock missed another 3-point attempt, which went out of bounds.  On their fifth possession, they got tagged with their second 10-second call.  After stealing the ball back, the Braves went back on the attack for their sixth possession, but soon lost it when Mobridge/Pollock reciprocated by stealing the ball.  The Tigers then canned a 3-point shot from the right coffin corner to make the score 9-0.

Coach Josh Molosh called a timeout to dish out the smelling salts, because up to this point the Braves only attempted one shot on the basket that occurred on their sixth possession, and it could have been easily listed as a steal because Mobridge/Pollock blocked the shot before it even left the shooter’s hand.

Out of the timeout, the Braves lost the ball, and when the Tigers took over they missed their shot, too.  Tiana Johnson got the ball after Aneisha Hayes wrestled the rebound away from at least two Tigers and took off coast-to-coast on a dead run.

As she went up for a five-footer, she got stuffed, but Johnson stayed with it and muscled up the ball to finally put the Braves on the board, 9-2.  From there, the next two possessions of the Braves resulted in turnovers and the next four after that came up with empty shots on the basket.

There was one more turnover and, finally, on the Braves last possession (their 16th), they cranked up a desperation 3-pointer that drew no iron and the Tigers took the rebound back to their side of the court and fired off two more failed shots before the buzzer blew.  When both teams were walking to their benches, Mobridge/Pollock had a commanding lead of 22-2.

The first quarter proved to be emblematic of the rest of the game. In the second quarter, the Braves scored 2 out of 6 field goals, 1 out of 3 from deep, and 2 out of 4 from the foul line, to only add nine more points to their total.

As for the Tigers, they made 3 out of 6 field goals, 2 out of 8 from deep, and 5 out of 6 from the line. Thus, when the first half ended the score was 39-11.

In the third quarter, the Braves really struggled because out of five field goal tries, none were made. Out of three attempts from behind the 19′ 9″ arc, none found their mark, and their only success came when they made one out of two from the charity stripe.

As for the Tigers, they made 2 out of 5 field goals (3 out of 6 from deep) and 1 out of 2 from the line. So, when the third quarter came to an end the score was 53-12.

In the final quarter, the Braves shooting finally improved because they scored 4 out of 7 field goals, 1 out of 2 from deep, and 1 out of 3 from the foul line to add another 12 points to finally tally.

As for the Tigers, they made 4 out of 12 field goals, 0 out of 2 tries from deep, and 1 out of 4 from the line, to tack on nine more points to add to their final tally.  The game ended with a final score of 62-24.

But as that final buzzer blew, this also meant the Cheyenne-Eagle Butte Lady Braves 2023/2024 basketball season was over, too.  More importantly, it was seniors Mariah Buffalo-Halfred, Tiana Johnson, Isis Norris, Lenni Anderson, and Juell Twite’s last time to wear the Columbia blue, red, and white jersey with the name “Ohitika” sprawled across it.  So, let’s hope instead of a sad trip home, on yet another bumping bus ride, these players rejoiced to celebrate a time they were one, which meant more than winning or losing because of the time they spent being a Brave while at Cheyenne-Eagle Butte High School.

Out of the 21 games these girls suited up, this is what these seniors accomplished this year: 

Mariah Buffalo-Halfred, No. 10, shot 35.0% from the floor (35 out of 100), 22.8% from deep (28 out of 128), and 61.5% from the line (16 out of 26).  Thus, appearing in all 21 games and playing a total of 563 minutes, Buffalo-Halfred made 179 points as well as grabbed 73 rebounds, stole the ball 38 times, and registered 3 blocks.

Tiana Johnson, No. 12, shot 32.1% from the floor (51 out of 159), 25.2% from deep (35 out of 135), and 49.3% from the line (35 out of 71).  Thus, appearing in all 21 games and playing a total of 550 minutes, Johnson made 242 points as well as grabbed 58 rebounds, stole the ball 70 times, and registered 1 block.

Isis Norris, No. 13, shot 25.0% from the floor (1 out of 4) and 0.0% from the line (0 out of 2).  Thus, appearing 5 games and playing a total of 47 minutes, Norris scored 2 points.

Lenni Anderson, No. 35, shot 20.0% from the floor (1 out of 5), 28.6% from deep (2 out of 7), and had no shots from the line.  Thus, appearing in 9 games and playing a total of 53 minutes, Anderson made 8 points.

Juell Twite, No. 41, shot 17.6% from the floor (3 out of 17), none from deep (0 out of 3), and 50.0% from the line (1 out of 2).  Thus, appearing in 12 games and playing a total of 69 minutes, Twite scored 7 points and stole the ball 3 times.

On paper, this is what these five young ladies accomplished this season. But what analytics can never show is the heart that these girls put into being a Brave.  Nor can analytics capture those moments when they showed off a million-dollar smile, picked themselves up off the floor, hugged their teammates, laughed out loud, or the times they all danced the Cupid Shuffle in unison.

Stats: Braves: Mariah Buffalo-Halfred – 3, Tiana Johnson – 12, Suni Bowman – 8, KaiLoni Johnson – 1.  Tigers:  Reagan Weisbeck – 6, Tegan Konold – 6, Jacy Netterville – 2, Brooke Bain – 5, Heidi Olson – 4, Charley Henderson – 11, Faith Heil – 11, Katy Kemnitz – 15, Ellie Kemnitz – 2.

CEB: 2; 9; 1; 12; +24

MP: 22; 17; 14; 9; +62

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