Monday, January 25, 2021

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Keeping connected… Black Friday – Holiday Shopping

Thanksgiving season is a time for family, thankfulness, food, premature Christmas decorating, and amazing shopping deals. For many people, sales and discounts on Black Friday are even better than Thanksgiving itself, in terms of materialism anyways.

Black Friday is truly the pinnacle of modern consumerism. People line up at stores for days or even weeks to get the best deals possible. Then, the doors finally open up and millions of people all over the country rush frantically into every retail store in America.

They push, shove, and fight for the products they have set their eyes on. Furthermore, people are so adamant about getting what they want that there are numerous injuries and deaths every year because of it. Simply put, physical Black Friday shopping is not for the faint-hearted.

However, in recent times, Black Friday has seen change. While the actual holiday remains on a single day, Black Friday deals and sales have become a multi-day event, and people can get great deals on the items they want without worrying about or dealing with other people.

In fact, people can shop Black Friday sales right from their own home, all thanks to the internet.

Nowadays, online shopping is the preferred method of many consumers instead of going to a physical retail store, and for good reason. While physical Black Friday shopping requires people to camp out for hours or days if they want a good deal, online Black Friday shopping just requires people to type in the website address of the store on their phone or computer when the sales begin.

Now, many online stores even have Black Friday sales over several days to attract more customers. Furthermore, many online stores have started having “Cyber Monday” which has even more reduced prices.

The benefits of online Black Friday have inspired many to switch to online shopping.

Last year, according to Fortune 500, more people shopped Black Friday sales online than in store. Online stores beat out physical stores by about ten-million customers, with 108.5 million people shopping online.

More people will probably make the switch to online shopping this Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

In a decade, there could be very few people physical shopping. With technology on the rise and making everything easier, it is hard not to get on board with it.


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