Friday, August 7, 2020

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Junior High News…

PHOTO BY TIA RABBIT Student Council Leaders: Mason Arpan, Dalis Dupris, Akeyda Adams, and Quinn Benoist.

Junior High Student Council leaders elected

By Tia Rabbit

On October 3, 2019 C-EB Junior High held student council elections. People that ran for student council gave a speech about why they were running for office to all of the seventh and eighth graders. Akeyda Adams was elected President, Vice President was Quinn Benoist, Secretary was Dalis Dupree, and Mason Arpan won Treasurer. Each 5th Hour class also sends one student as their representative to the student council meetings. These students are E’Naysa Cook, Nature High Elk, Brock Ducheneaux, Riley Kirk, Miana LaPlante, Lai’one Inukihaangana, Emma Joaquin, David Woods, Neveah Brinston, Mary Herrald, Christina Woods, Journey Gray, Phoebe Shaving, and Jes Lawrence. Arpan said, “We plan to have more activities like lock-ins, better ICU activities and more.” Advisors are Mary Mitchell, Carmen O’Neal and Jaime O’Neal.


Ozobot Exploratory in Junior High

PHOTO FROM C-EB SCHOOL FACEBOOK PAGE Trevor Red Bear won the Best Ozobot Plow in Ms. Mitchell’s Robotics class. Students created miniature snow plows and moved fake snow with their creations. The student who moved the snow the furthest was declared the winner. Red Bear moved his snow 12 inches, which earned him first place.