Monday, February 24, 2020

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Job shadowing helps Dupree seniors prepare for future

While many people tell students ‘get an education so that you can get a better job’, there is a lot more to the plan than that. After high school education is complete, many career paths are quite specific when it comes to the training needed for desired jobs, and that training can be expensive. Knowing all that you can about careers and jobs before making big decisions and spending time and money on education is a crucial step in the process of career planning.

To help Dupree High School seniors explore their options in depth, career information/education planning information is regularly shared with students by School Counselor Patty Peacock and Director of the USD Talent Search Program–TRIO Marion Blue Arm. 

In addition to this information, the students are provided with an opportunity to spend a day job shadowing in the Black Hills. Seniors get to choose the career they’d like to learn more about and spend the day with someone in a career that interests them. Doing so makes the job more ‘real’ to the students and often has positive benefits. 

They learn about what would be expected of them, what their options are for schools they can attend for their field, and the students are able to network and get to know people in the field, which can result in helping them find internships and jobs.

Through job shadowing, the DHS seniors get to see what the real workplace is like as well. Some job experiences from this trip included learning more about the career areas of nursing, athletic trainer, veterinarian tech/assistant, police detective, fireman, welder, physical therapist, graphic designer, radio DJ, and tattoo artist. 

Students become more interested in finishing up high school and prepare themselves for that next step in their education because they can really picture themselves in the field which they job shadowed.

The students had an excellent experience and many shared stories about their shadowing. Each year, the TRIO program sets up these amazing experiences for the students and DHS furnishes the transportation.

This year, the students were chaperoned by Blue Arm, Peacock, and Juanita Oros.


EAGLE PHOTO BY PATTY PEACOCK T&T Welding and Repair of Rapid City hosted three of the Dupree seniors who are interested in welding as a career option. Pictured are Roman Straight Head, T&T employee, Cade Johnson, Dalton Standing Bear and T&T employee.

EAGLE PHOTO BY PATTY PEACOCK Isaac Brown spent the day at Bad Cat Tattoo learning more about tattoo artists.

EAGLE PHOTO BY PATTY PEACOCK Devany Dosch shadowed a veterinarian at the Black Hills Animal Hospital.

EAGLE PHOTO BY PATTY PEACOCK Adrianna White Wolf learned more about being a dental assistant as she shadowed at Dana Dental.