Saturday, December 4, 2021

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Jessie Taken Alive-Rencountre helps celebrate Native Pride Week at Dupree School

The Dupree School celebrated Native Pride Week with a presentation by author Jessie Taken Alive-Rencountre and her husband Whitney.

Taken-Alive Rencountre read her book “Thunder’s Hair” aloud. The pages were projected on a large screen so the student body and staff could read along and enjoy the beautiful illustrations. 

After the reading, Whitney talked about the importance of being a good family member and kind person. Then he worked with some of the students. He asked students to share the name of someone they look up to as a role model and the reason why. The students shared what they thought was important in how to be a good person and family member.

The presentation closed with two volunteers, a young man and a young woman, Kylund McGill and McKadyn Chasing Hawk, coming to the front to do a Lakota victory war whoop and a Lakota trill.

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