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Iron Lightning 33rd Annual Wakinyan Maza Wokiksuye

On July 4th, 2018 the Iron Lightning community will host its 33rd Annual Wakinyan Maza Wokiksuye celebration and gathering for all direct descendants, relatives, community residents as well as tribal members and the general public.

The Wakinyan Maza tiospaye is one of many large tiospaye of direct descendents, relatives and extended relations on the Cheyenne River Sioux reservation. 

The Wakiyan Maza tiospaye is now respectfully asking the next generation to take the role and responsibility of planning and hosting our annual event.

Many older members of our present generation, like those before us, are struggling with age, health and physical challenges. “Our minds say we can, but our bodies say no.”

The Wakinyan Maza tiospaye calls for the next generation to be a part of the succession of younger generations that will carry forth our legacy left by our grandparents, parents, siblings and relatives.

All of our tiospaye are welcome and invited to spearhead this gathering regardless of background, age, gender or experience.

The prerequisites, if any, are willingness, commitment, dedication, responsibility and pride as a descendent of the Wakinyan Maza tiospaye.

Interest and inquiries can be made with Henry Lafferty @ 964-2033. Please respond no later than June 8, 2018, as time is of the essence.

Be a proud part of the Wakinyan Maza tiospaye and carry on our legacy by honoring our family that began this gathering 32 years ago.