Friday, March 22, 2019

Eagle Butte

Interactive media launch warrants a freebie – Here’s your WRE – for FREE! It’s on us!

The West River Eagle launched interactive media on September 13, 2018.

Interactive media is a new and exciting way to share videos and photos of events that are covered in our newspaper.

Readers can download the free West River app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store onto their mobile device to begin watching videos or seeing additional photos. 

Interactive media is Harry Potter’s newspaper brought to life, and the staff at West River Eagle is proud to be one of the first and few newspapers in the nation with this latest technology! We are now able to expand coverage of a news story, which has historically been limited to a few photos and a set number of words on the page, with videos and photos.

For those readers who see the world in black and white with a splash of color — and like it that way — we still offer the news stories and information that support our mission as a weekly newspaper, which is to provide social, sports, political, spiritual and health news stories, feature spotlights, and editorial perspectives along with promoting events through advertising for the very diverse population of the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation.

Even with our small staff of three full time employees, one part time employee and a handful of freelance writers, the WRE has managed to provide stories that touch on the many communities that make up the CRST area, and the many different interests represented therein.

The interactive media component brings the WRE and the time-honored tradition of the newspaper business into the digital age, expanding the kind of coverage that a newspaper is capable of providing by allowing writers time to still construct the more in-depth news articles in print, while also providing additional coverage elements in video form or with additional images.

This technology is new for our staff members, but as we evolve, we expect to provide clips from interviews, videos of story locations, historical or background video clips that will broaden the depth and context or complexity of a story and clips from the people at the center of those.

For advertising, we can provide a video aspect to the advertisement, allowing businesses to add personal and/or a virtual reality component to the typical newspaper ad.

The WRE has entered a realm of reporting that is atypical for the newspaper/print media world, but not for long.

Interactive allows our reporters the potential for improved and more dynamic news for our readers.

While the WRE has for years accepted photo submissions from the general public, and even story submissions or story ideas, we now accept video and audio clips that will help us enhance coverage and bring the news to life for our readers. For you.

Download the WRE app today, and take advantage of this free edition to explore the future of your local newspaper – for free.

Further, here is a list of terms and meanings when it comes to the newspaper business:

ads – Paid notices promoting items available for sale or lease or candidates for office.

article – A written piece about a topic.

byline – The name of a reporter as credited near the top of a newspaper article.

caption – An explanation of a picture or illustration, usually placed under the picture.

deadline – The time at which an article is due.

editorials – Opinion articles, written by the publisher, editors, and columnists of the paper.

feature article – Non-news general interest pieces, for example, an article on stamp collecting.

news article – A piece that describes and explains a current news event.