Sunday, January 23, 2022

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Indoor home tips for cold weather or quarantine

Greetings everyone, I hope all are well. This week I will cover things cold weather home projects. These are also good quarantine projects if you’re stuck at home, as many are right now. Thank you again for your continued following.

Water filters

Change inline water filters. Most filters can be changed easily with few or zero tools. Depending on the unit you may have a cartridge filter, a special cloth filter, or both. Simply turn off the water at both ends of the filter and drain the filter unit. Gently unscrew the unit at the top or both sides, depending on the brand. Remove and replace the filter. Put the unit back together and turn the water back on. 

If you have a high-volume sand-filtered hot water system in a business or large home, I recommend you have a plumber inspect the whole system every five years and replace items as needed.

Home inventory

Over the last 20 years catastrophic events have become more common. Protect your family by doing a written and video inventory of your home for insurance purposes. Name large items, date purchased, purchase amount and current estimated value.

Inventory and catalog all valuable items including origin, proof of authenticity, and graded value or appraisal. Don’t forget to inventory your kitchen as well. Include stove, fridge, range, special-order hood, dishwasher and any other appliances. Include clothing, especially items of high value.

Store the information on a cloud drive for safekeeping and ease of sharing with insurance companies.

Document security

Digitize all insurance documents and review homeowner’s policy and vehicle policy. Review and add any special riders such as flood insurance.

Ask your local fire department for a copy of their latest I.S.O. report. This is the ratings report used by insurance companies to determine general risk factors. The insurance companies and your local fire department documents should match, but sometimes they do not. Having a copy could save you hundreds in premiums each year if the rating on your local copy is better than the regional one.

Install a small document safe on the floor of a closet.

Lighting and electrical

Service smoke detectors, CO detectors, and other battery-powered or battery backup home safety devices. Change the batteries and document the date of service. Rechargeable batteries need to be inspected twice per year and replaced every 3-5 years.

Replace lightbulbs with LED bulbs to save over the long term. Install outdoor solar security lighting. Wash lighting covers. Dust and wash ceiling fan blades.

Replace surge protectors every 5 years or sooner if worn or burned. Replace frayed cords. Clean toaster.

Throw out old holiday lighting, they are not intended for more than one year. For any you keep, write down the type of lighting and number of strands. LED lights can be saved, but if the cords are damaged, toss them out.

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