Thursday, May 13, 2021

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Horse ride to honor tribal checkpoints and bring awareness

The Sunkwanka Agli Horsemanship group from Bridger, South Dakota.

Beginning July 6 the Sunkwanka Agli Horsemanship Riders will make their way to all Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe public health checkpoints. The two-week journey is in support of tribal border security and to bring alcohol, drugs and suicide awareness. Here is a tentative schedule of the ride:

July 6: Bridger checkpoint to Takini checkpoint

July 7: Takini checkpoint to Red Scaffold checkpoint

July 8: Red Scaffold checkpoint to Faith checkpoint

July 9: Day of rest

July 10: Faith checkpoint to Dupree

July 11: Dupree to Isabel checkpoint

July 12: Isabel checkpoint to Timber Lake checkpoint

July 13: Timber Lake checkpoint to White Horse

July 14: Day of rest

July 15: White Horse to Laplant

July 16: Laplant to Swift Bird checkpoint

July 17: Swift Bird to Laplant

July 18: Day of rest

July 19: Laplant to Eagle Butte

July 20: Eagle Butte to Hwy. 63 Bridge checkpoint

July 21: Hwy. 63 Bridge checkpoint to Cherry Creek

July 22: Cherry Creek to Bridger

Throughout the ride there will lessons and teachings shared on horsemanship, Lakota traditions, language, as well as storytelling. For more information, contact Roderick Dupris at 605-218-0413.


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