Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Eagle Butte

Home improvement tips and indoor plants options

Floyd Braun

Greetings everyone, I hope your week has gone well. This week I will cover some do-it-yourself projects and ideas for indoor planting. I will start this week with the garage or mud room, which over the course of a year, can get a little messy.

Installing a tool peg board

To install a tool peg board, first determine how many tools would be needed to get the job done. Keep in mind a few things: how much wall space you have available, and how many tools you can hang on peg board tool holders, and the amount of space between tools, which can range about 1 to 2 inches.

Find your stud spacing, which should be 16 inches from the center. You can screw 1′ x 4′ boards to the studs- I suggest using 2-inch construction screws for the boards and 1-inch construction screws for the peg board, using two screws per board space, per stud. Screw the peg board to these boards, this way you can remove the board, if needed, and you have a spacing between the wall and your board for the pegs. You can get peg boards in 1/8 and 1/4 thickness in 4 ft x 8 ft sheets, and peg board tool holders in boxes of 6 to 10, depending on size.

Total cost of project for a 4×8 board is about $50.00, depending on where you shop and number of leg holders.

Update your old light bulbs to LED Bulbs

Updating all your bulbs will not only keep you off a ladder for a long while, but will cut your electric bill. The higher-end LED bulbs will last as long as 10 years and the cheaper bulbs about 5 years, depending on usage. Florescent tube lighting can also be updated to LED, but the replacement process is more involved, and I recommend hiring a licensed electrician for this upgrade. I would recommend Todd’s Electric for this work because they are fast, reliable, and back their workmanship.

Indoor plants and vegetables

Cherry tomatoes: These are easy to grow indoors, if kept in full sun by a window or under a grow light. You can control the size of the plant by the size of your pot. These can be started from seed, which you can buy now at stores and are often discounted this time of year. Keep moist but not drenched and use Miracle Grow Organic Plant Food for Vegetables. I recommend using a 6-inch pot or larger.

Spinach and all lettuce varieties: Spinach and lettuce can easily be grown in a window sill container. Keep moist and feed with Miracle Grow Organic Plant Food for Vegetables. These plants are a great teaching plants for kids because it germinates and grows really fast. Keep in a partial-to-full sun location or used a grow light.

Turf Grass: No this is not a typing error. In a small 4 inch by 6 inch by 4 inch-deep pot, try growing some grass. It is a great oxygen maker, fun for kids to experiment with, and if you don’t want to see someone, just say sorry, I have to stay home and cut my grass. After the grass gets 4 inches high, keep it cut to 1/2 to 1 inch high with a pair of scissors. Cut once per week. In the spring you can transplant the grass into your yard’s bare spots in 1-inch round plugs. Water as needed to keep moist and feed with Miracle Grow plant food. As long as grass has, light it will grow, so indirect light is fine. For faster growth and deeper roots for plugs in spring, use a grow light.

Grow Lights

Grow Lights can be purchased online at various retailers for as little as $19.00 and as much as $300.00.