Thursday, October 22, 2020

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Home Improvement tips

Greetings everyone and thank you for your continued support of this column.

This week I will cover some appliance replacement and maintenance tips.

Stove and Range Hoods

Cooking area hoods are an important part of keeping your home safe and healthy, as well as free from excessive grease build up.

The standard distance from your range top to bottom of your hood should be at least 20 inches and depending on local code up to 24 inches clearance. Hoods are designed to remove smoke and steam from your cooking area as well as helping to trap grease in a filter.

Your hood depending on if it is vented or ventless will have one or two filters. Both of these are easy to change. Your outer metal screen filter is for catching grease. On a vented hood this will be your only filter and it should be replaced every 60 days under daily use. There are no other filters since smoke and odors are carried outside. On a ventless hood you will have an outer metal screen filter that like a vented hood comes out easy with no tools needed simply release from the two clips. The inner filter will be an activated charcoal filter meant to filter smoke and odors. To replace this filter simply remove the clips, replace the filter and return the clips to the closed positions. While your filters are out, remove any built up grease with a rag, if heavily covered in grease use a small putty knife to scrape it out.

My hood motor doesn’t work

This is a common repair in the home and one of the easiest to complete. Below are the steps to replace the motor and fan.

Look at the hood fan label and write down the make and model. 99 percent will be a Broan. Look online for range hood universal replacement fans. Your model should be listed on one or more options and order one based on your model number being comparable with your model. Due to COVID-19 expect 14 to 60 days for delivery due to factory shutdowns for COVID-19. If you decide to replace the hood still figure on a long wait for delivery, since as of 10/5/20 leaving the reservation may be denied for going to get a hood that can be delivered by a box store or U.P.S., Fed Ex, etc.

Switching out the fan motor

• Turn off the power to the hood this should be labeled on your service panel as kitchen outlets or just kitchen. To be sure the power is off check to see if the light works on the hood if it doesn’t come on it’s off. If it was not working before test for power with a voltage meter at the motor connections on the motor.

• Remove the steel filter.

• Remove the 1 screw on each side of the fan blades.

• Pull out the motor and unplug the harness from the clip at the upper right or left in the hood fan hole

• Plug in the new fan into harness clip in hood. Secure new fan by screwing back in the two set screws that held the old fan in. Your new fan will face the same direction as the old one, it should be an exact fit as they are mostly universal. If you have a lot of extra wire, tie it in a loop with electrical tape so it does not fall into the fan blades.

• Turn on the power and test your fan, as long as it turns freely, replace your filter and you are done. If your fan rubs on the housing, remove your screws holding the fan in by ¾ of the way out, on each side and adjust the fan motor so it moves freely, tighten the screws and you are done.

Cleaning your hood vent pipe

To clean your hood vent pipes have them professionally steam cleaned. For the average home this should be less than 200.00 and done every two to four years if grease build up is an issue. For less than 200.00 you can also switch out to a ventless unit if you install yourself. Most companies that serve rural areas will bundle several jobs in one trip and split the mileage between all the customers that day.

Always remember with any electrical device that if you are not sure it’s off, stop and check. If you can’t be sure, hire a professional, no D.I.Y. job is worth your life or your family’s safety.

Recommended electrical contractors who serve our area are: Todd’s Electric, Muth Electric, Millikin Electric They are all licensed and insured for all phases of work and insurance claim related repairs.

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