Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Eagle Butte

Home improvement and money saving tips for the home

Greetings. I hope all is well with you. Today I will cover some tips for home improvement and cost-saving tips for you and your family. I will begin with home improvement.

Toilet repair part 2 (Toilet flush flapper. No tools needed)

If your flapper is not closing all the way you are wasting water, and your water bill may be higher as a result. To adjust the flapper, simply adjust the flapper chain by unhooking the chain from the handle hook and adjusting the slack of the chain, that allows the flapper covers the flush valve, ensuring no water is leaking into the bowl. 

Thermostats (Tools needed: drill and bit, small Phillips and standard screwdrivers)

Replacing your analog thermostat with a programmable thermostat will insure that you are only heating or cooling when you are home, and a minimum temperature is maintained while you are gone, potentially saving you $180.00-$240.00 per year. 

For around $30.00, you can  get a basic unit. Some units that connect to your wi-fi and can be programmable to your routine, start at around $299.00. Not all units are the same– make sure to follow the directions of the unit you have. Most units require AAA batteries– replace the batteries twice per year.

Refrigerator Maintenance

Pull out your refrigerator to where you can access the plug-in and service panel. Unplug your fridge and remove the access/service panel. Using a vacuum, remove all the built-up dust from the black coils and other surfaces you can see from the outside. Do not ever disconnect anything. Just vacuum out the dust and put the cover back on. Doing this twice a year can save you as much as $120.00 a year on your electric bill. 

If you smell what smells like a dirty locker room, that is a sign of a small refrigerant leak. Contact a repair shop to fix this. Repairs range from $120.00-$350.00. Ask for an estimated quote for the repairs before work is started. If it is more than $120.00-$350.00, buying a new fridge may be more cost effective. A fridge freezer can start from $500 for a basic unit, up to $3000.00 for a fancy one with all the options and custom finishes.

Car and home lock maintenance

To make sure your locks don’t freeze up from built-up moisture, spray one squirt of WD-40 into each key hole. It only takes a small amount. This will lubricate your lock cylinders and remove any water from condensation.

Outdoor security lights

Consider going solar for your home exterior lighting. These can be easily installed and you do not have to remove the old lighting. Just install the new lights next to the old and remove the bulbs from the old lights. These lights range from $47.00 to over $300.00, depending on size and style. More expensive does not mean better.