Thursday, October 29, 2020

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Home and garden tips

Greetings everyone, I hope you have been enjoying your last few days of summer.

Our fall season begins September 21 as far as the calendar goes, and if this fall is anything like the past few years, we should enjoy the next couple weeks before the first flakes fly.

Last chance for early fall deals on winter equipment. Note, I do not receive any endorsements, but the following is my personal wish list of small equipment and snow removal.

Mini skid steer stand on tractor

This week I would like to highlight the power of the tiny tractor. There are several manufactures of what are classes as stand on mini tractors, and the one I have on my wish list is the Ditch Witch SK 600. This machine is able to be used not only for snow removal in all conditions with it’s track system but has a multitude of attachments for the farm or facilities maintenance. It is small enough and light enough not to cause damage to sidewalks or asphalt walkways where a large skid steer may cause edge damage or cracking. While there is no one true machine for all situations, more and more mini equipment is coming online for limited work area situations. Ditch Witch is offering special ultra low interest financing for equipment.

Pre-treatments for ice

There are a variety of products on the market that claim they can keep a driveway 100% free of ice and snow. I have not seen one yet that has met their claim.

What I have found is that one product appears to do a better job than some others called Bare Ground. What this product will do is it will keep the snow from compacting and will help a lot with keeping the ice from sticking to the pavement making it easier to clear and keep clear after the storm passes. This product is a liquid that can be applied with a pump sprayer.


If you have everything harvested out this week you have done well. If not you still have time and I know there is still quite a bit of winter squash and root crops growing.


Go ahead and give your lawn what may be it’s final cut of the season. I recommend cutting about ½ an inch shorter than before to help loosen and remove any suspended thatch and bag, rake or blow your cuttings up into piles and remove from the lawn and compost for next year’s garden season. Go ahead and give your lawn a final feeding with a low nitrogen fertilizer such as 1-10-10 or even 0-20-20. This will help build your root structure over the next few weeks before the ground freezes.

Lawn and garden equipment

Power wash your mower and other equipment, service the plug, air filter, fuel filter and run the tank dry after you have completed your final cut. You can choose to keep the tank empty or fill it with fuel and fuel stabilizer. I have found it’s best to keep no gas in the tank if they are plastic, if they are metal with a cap that seals it’s up to you, most steel tanks don’t have the issues of plastic ones changing the chemical make-up of the fuel over 6 to 8 months.

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