Tuesday, April 20, 2021

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Home and Garden Tips

Greetings everyone, I hope you had the chance to enjoy our beautiful holiday weekend weather. I hope it energized you into looking forward to a great growing season with better times ahead of us. This week I will cover some home and garden tips.

Garden Tips

While it’s still a bit early for many seeds and starter plants to go outside, you should have some starts growing inside. I noticed some retailers are trying to sell cool season starts right now, but we still have some days below freezing to start our mornings off, so hold off a bit.

What you can do is start working your rows and getting your planting plan laid out and your trellis systems in place for beans and other vine crops.

This is also a great time to get your edge lines and curbs looking spiffy. Now is a good time to clear debris from your storm drains. If they appear to be full of gravel and sand in the grated pits, let the city know (in writing) that you cleared your grates and street gutters but your pits need to be cleaned to prevent flooding of your street and property. Keep a copy of the letter for your insurance records as well. You pay for storm water services so if you flood, it’s on them.

Home Tips

Sidewalk repairs

Now is a great time to patch your sidewalks with concrete patch or cold mix asphalt patch for asphalt sidewalks. It’s a lot easier to do this now, instead of when it’s 90 degrees outside and it will keep you moving forward in your yard and garden.

Exterior Glass

Now is a great time to clean your exterior windows in the warm afternoons. You can use a painter’s stick to reach the higher ones with a window wash kit. This keeps you safe on the ground while still making your home look better.

Outdoor painting

Outdoor painting can be done now as long as it’s over 45 degrees outside. Pressure-washing siding can be done now, as well. Just keep an eye on the weather forecast so your wash job does not become an icy mess the next morning. Make sure all surfaces are completely dry before painting. I recommend painting 1 to 2 days after pressure washing.

Exterior lighting

Now is a good time to replace bulbs or to switch to solar lights. If you use motion sensors, set them for your actual needs. Many systems allow set on/off times and allow you to adjust sensitivity to avoid dogs or cats setting them off. If switching to solar, keep in mind how much area you want to illuminate, as some solar options require additional fixtures. Face your panels toward the rising sun to maximize battery charging. This way you get direct sun on your panels all the way past midday and still get more towards the late afternoon. If you do a roof mount for your panels, be sure to seal the holes so as not to damage your roof. 

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