Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Eagle Butte

Handgames competitions engage students in traditions

Dupree, Takini, Tiospaye Topa and C-EB schools sent handgames teams to compete the Dakota Oyate Challenge (DOC) this past weekend. There are elementary, high school and junior high categories.

Dupree’s junior high team, pictured on page 7b, competed not only in the DOC, but also competed in the Old Agency Handgame tournament taking first in both.

The high school team, which consists of Marion Mexican, Wakinyan Afraid of Hawk, Clifton Birkeland, Kaitlyn Clown and Sharon Miner, and the elementary team, which consists of Misun Afraid of Hawk, Erin Morrison, Sadie Anderson, Affinity Iron Hawk, Santana Feather Earring, Anna Hernandez, Dominique Arthur, Kyann Knight and Ophelia Black Bear, also competed in the DOC tournament.

Tisopaye Topa also won at the DOC. Pictures of the handgames competitions, as well as video clips, are on page 7b. Handgames is a traditional Lakota game played in the winter months.


Raffle Supports Lakota Learning Cindy Lindskov, the Elementary Principal at Dupree School, was presented with a star quilt. Lindskov participated in a recent raffle held by the Dupree Lakota Club and Handgame Teams. Photo by Patty Peacock