Tuesday, July 14, 2020

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Gratitude for a wonderful teacher and role model

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Farrar always made an effort to encourage and care for students.

I will always remember Mrs. Britt, my second grade teacher. She loved the color green, she loved drinking buttermilk straight out of the carton, and most of all, she was kind. There are so many lessons from Mrs. Britt that I have carried with me into adulthood. When I learned of her passing, I shed a tear, spoke my gratitude, and said a prayer for her journey into the spirit world.

Years later, my daughter’s education is foremost. With coronavirus putting a halt on so many aspects of life, the education system was not spared, in fact, it was one of the first casualties.

With the closures of school in March, life changed. The transition from in-person schooling to homeschooling was not a tough one for our family- just last year we had homeschooled our daughter.

What I did not expect was the amazing support of my kiddo’s teacher, Mrs. Tiffany Farrar. Not only did she keep in contact with us via Facebook, she regularly sent cards and letters in the mail.

It did not take long for our family to adjust to Mrs. Farrar’s weekly 6th grade Zoom meetings- it became an event that my young one looked forward to and getting ready for the video conference quickly became a ritual within our home.

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And just when you think Mrs. Farrar’s kindness and love couldn’t been shown more, she sent large letters of encouragement and snacks to every student.

But all this wonderfulness did not begin in March- Mrs. Farrar has been such an inspirational figure in my daughter’s life even before she began 6th grade. As a 5th grade student, being in Mrs. Farrar’s class was something Hope wanted so dearly and she asked to be placed in that particular class.

I did not understand why, probably because I did not know who Mrs. Farrar was at the time, but it did not take long for me to see that she is very special.

Good teachers impact lives, and that’s exactly what Mrs. Farrar has done.

As my daughter transitions into a teenager, I am very protective of her emotional, physical and spiritual growth which was the reason we chose to homeschool last year.

But I found as the months went by that my child was in the best care and environment, led and nurtured by the wonderful soul who is Mrs. Farrar.

My daughter would come home, excited to share about what she had learned that day at school- there was world news, history, mathematics, and some really tough topics which I could not bring myself to teach.

Having a candid conversation about 9/11 was something that I was unprepared to do- I thought my daughter too young, but Mrs. Farrar did so with sensitivity, honesty, and love. She sparked my daughter’s interest in becoming a volunteer firefighter!

I truly believe that there is more to education than teaching out of textbooks- there are skills which must be taught, such as critical thinking, consideration of others, respect, discipline, and communication, to name a few.

By just being herself, Mrs. Farrar has been a role model who is love and kindness in action. Her impact on my daughter goes far beyond grade reports—there are lessons learned which will help my daughter in her life journey and her many adventures and accomplishments to come.

For the time we have known and have had Mrs. Farrar in our lives, I am thankful.

As the school year ends, let us remember and show gratitude for the hardworking and dedicated teachers who so positively impact the lives our young ones.

Thank them, keep them in prayer, and remember to always be kind, for they spend many hours with our children, guiding, educating, and shaping their young lives.