Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Eagle Butte

Veterans honored for their sacrifices

Dupree Legion Post #124, Clint Farlee, Jeff Eulberg, Ramon Birkeland, Pete Veit, Gary Birkeland and John D. Lemke, presented the colors at the Memorial Day service conducted at Dupree Cemetery. Photo by Kathy Olsen

Under the direction of Chug and Karen Garreau Memorial Day services were held under the big tent at the Dupree Cemetery on Monday, May 28th. 

Chug Garreau and Randy Hahne presented messages about what Memorial Day is, and about the brave, selfless men and women who sacrificed everything for our freedom.

Special music was shared during the service. 

A rose was presented to family members in honor of their loved ones who had served their country. 

Lunch was served after the service.

Clint Farlee, Kathy Olsen and Shane and Shayna Farlee went to Eagle Butte on Thursday.

Shawn and Kathy Olsen went to Eagle Butte Friday to put flowers out at the cemetery.

Shawn, Kathy and Emily Olsen and Clint and Jean Farlee went to Knight’s cemetery Friday evening to put flowers out.

Jayden, Jess and Jacalyn Marshall spent Saturday at the home of Shawn and Kathy Olsen.

Kathy and Emily Olsen and Clint Farlee went to Eagle Butte Saturday evening for a supper in honor of Cindy Farlee who recently graduated from college.

Shawn and Kathy Olsen, Emily and Spencer went to the cemetery in Dupree Sunday afternoon to put out flowers.

Shawn and Kathy Olsen, Emily and Spencer attended Memorial Day Services at the cemetery in Dupree Monday morning.

Monday afternoon visitors at the home of Shawn and Kathy Olsen were Clint and Jean Farlee and Shane and Kayla Farlee, Shayna and Baby Clinton

Chug Garreau delivers his message on Memorial Day.

Randy Hahne sang of sacrifice and freedom.

Shawn Olsen lowers the flag at the end of the day at the Dupree Cemetery.

Sue Starr received a rose from Karen Garreau in honor of her father, Delbert “Buck” Miller who served during WWII and was a POW during that time.

Maurice, Sandy, and Dustilyn Lemke spent Memorial Weekend in Lake Benton, Minnesota.  They attended the twenty-fourth annual `Larry Olsen Music Fest’.